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  • @I_Monastery No reason to include me in that, except to show that shouting is irritating. *blocked* in reply to I_Monastery #
  • What I see as good news for #Egypt – no A-list charismatic Khomeini-like figure to hijack the energy for change. #
  • "Is Right-Wing Talk Dying? Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh are losing fans in a key market." > < DailyBeast #
  • #Egypt – I've used IT this way since late 70s. Don't believe the fools; don't drink the koolaid. Bodies won this, not social media. #
  • Here's my point: "People, Not Things, Are The Tools Of Revolution" > < (TechCrunch) via @trib #
  • @spiver I've grappled to find another word, something that contrasts meaningfully with "junkie". Impartial? Boring! Equanimity? Academic. :) in reply to spiver #
  • @joshmull Yaa, "Thermidor and onward", that. I just tweeted about absence of charismatic Khomeini-like figure as a good thing. in reply to joshmull #
  • First things first, as in "We hold these truths self-evident". Establish individual human rights, then secure those rights. #Egypt #
  • Makes me crazy how folk flock to "popular" ideologies that are then used to enslave others. #RuleOfLaw first. Then boot the assholes. #
  • @joshmull heh someone just warned about regressing to "Jacobin" era on CNN. Gadd, folk have been reading?! *G* in reply to joshmull #
  • #Realpolitik – In place of a compliant dictator Western nations will now be dealing with (at least some) actualities on the ground. #Egypt #
  • When it comes to appetite for reality (read: sanity) I don't credit yuppies with more than fundamentalists. Opportunism = brain-damage. #
  • @joshmull I'm too stuhpud to be clehvur. ;-) I tend to trust actualities; whatever we have /really/ is better than any top-down fiction. in reply to joshmull #
  • @acarvin But, of course, even here (US, Canada, whatever) individuals are not empowered as they should be. So … in reply to acarvin #
  • @joshmull I thought it was key / revealing that Army did not step in as police force. They could have. in reply to joshmull #
  • @joshmull The restraint that was shown … that has to indicate /absence/ of rabid pessimism. Gotta be a good thing. in reply to joshmull #
  • The regime has been /be-headed/, but it has not yet been changed. Popular will has to find its concrete expression. #Egypt #
  • @peijinc And so, caught off guard, even more remarkable that restraint was shown! :-) in reply to peijinc #
  • @joshmull I can't help thinking that a layer of officer class are lusting to be decent and professional rather than autocrats' lap-dogs. in reply to joshmull #
  • Like in a straight gambling casino, the house wins. The ruling party has advantages. That's not the same as corruption. New rules! #Egypt #
  • @GuyKawasaki You're familiar with "Every Project has a Marshmallow"? Group dynamics is t.h.e shiet. #
  • Michael Bachman: "We have seen Pres. Obama usher in socialism." So CPAC is fixating on GOP's fictions. #
  • Donald Trump talking about running … for PotUS?! Shirley you jest. #
  • "Republicans unveil budget proposal with $100 billion in cuts" > < via @Chris_Moody #
  • I watch parliamentary committees and have for years. I see the need. You don't see the need. But then you don't look. #Gov2 0 fluff. #
  • Having something to feel righteously proud of … wow … I can only wonder what that feels like. #matrix #borg #
  • How would you say "post performance blues" in Egyptian? Folk are in for an emotional roller-coaster as life returns to "normal". #
  • @ZenDirtZenDust I'm lucky; when I took life vows (in monastery) I refined the contract. "Will not drink to the point of mindlessness." :-) in reply to ZenDirtZenDust #
  • @benparr My buddy in HK is away … holidaying in Bali. The fink. ;) in reply to benparr #
  • Pondering Bhutan – A reasonable appreciation of those with whom we disagree; isn't that core to happiness? #dharma #
  • #BadMood – "Principled practitioners" are reflective. Most folk I know are brain-addled by "attention economy". #
  • @seanjoreilly URL failed here. in reply to seanjoreilly #
  • Where I started 35yrs ago: "the harmful effects of group dynamics" > < ( A-list drags their heels. #
  • @jstogdill The left argued /for/ corporate concentration? Oh, didn't know … musta missed that committee meeting. ;p in reply to jstogdill #
  • @spiver heh "profound relaxation"; who else gets promised that?! :-) I'm stubborn; I think there's a word, or phrase. Almost "objective". in reply to spiver #
  • @young_98_98 I hope you're aware of what's taught in "School of the Americas". Not sure Egyptians went there, but still. cc: @joshmull in reply to young_98_98 #
  • Now 484 spam pages in my Wiki. *sigh* Makes clear to me how I've wasted 15yrs trying to talk with you. #
  • @jstogdill Oh, hey, don't stop on my account! Painfully earnest here. :-) in reply to jstogdill #
  • "we can hope for is a limited "defensive democracy" that will save #Egypt quot; > < (HuffingtonPost) #
  • American Society for Information Science and Technology has a whole list of SIGs … and mail-lists have been moribund for years. Sad. #
  • @jstogdill Thought you should see this: "Innovation: Group dynamics can stifle a great idea" > < #
  • "That seachange in government is still a way off" > < Sure, pundits bla-blah while A-list drag their heels. #Gov2 0 #
  • @EthanZ That's where I find myself. You meet the nicest people on clean-up! (2nd only to street medic. Bodhisattva types? *G*) in reply to EthanZ #
  • "Egypt's Last Pharaoh? The Rise and Fall of Hosni Mubarak" > < via @TIME #

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