BenTrem tweeted on 2011-01-27

  • #Chicago – Is Rahm Emanuel a putz? Then why did the residency thing come to the last minute. Oh … he dun been set up? #psychopaths #
  • "… a government that's competent and more efficient". Well yes. But why not allow rhetoric and include /effective/? #
  • Yet another snow storm in NE?! Holy crap. #
  • #Tennis – Ferrer giving Nadal a hard time right out of the gate. If you can watch, I suggest you do. #
  • @MarkIsNotOnFire The injury became obvious when … maybe game 3 or 4? 5? I tweeted towards the end of game 2. But yes. Amazing come-back! in reply to MarkIsNotOnFire #
  • @MarkIsNotOnFire By "come back" I of course mean playing through it. The match is certainly not decided yet. in reply to MarkIsNotOnFire #
  • #CFL – Ben Cahoon has retired … a great highlight-reel career. #
  • No 4th major for Nadal … painful seeing that. #
  • @alexknowshtml You just nailed the core concept of my "participatory deliberation": if/when we can do nuts&bolts hammer&tongs, it's best! in reply to alexknowshtml #
  • TeaBaggers are showing their stuff: Paul suggests cutting gov't way back, but has zero appreciation of increased unemployment *D'uhh!* #

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