BenTrem tweeted on 2011-01-28

  • Did you know that psychopaths are charming? Yaa … you think "sociopath", loud abusive bully. No, wrong. Charming. Personable. #Ignorance #
  • @MarkIsNotOnFire I tweeted before the end of the 2nd or 3rd game. About noon MST. Watch TV much? *d'uhh* in reply to MarkIsNotOnFire #
  • @MarkIsNotOnFire I have an astonishing revelation for you: Time Zones. No, I didn't watch it live at 3AM. Welcome to the world. #
  • It's wearing me down. 85% insanity I've always accepted as "normal". 95% it's a terrible strain. Absent signs of sanity … bummer. #
  • If I said, "I've designed a new bow" to an archer I'd see interest. #Gov2 0 pundits are exclusively intrigued by mutual admiration. #borg #
  • "Attention economy" using "social software" for networks; what part of that /isn'/t "mutual admiration society"? #
  • @PaintsNature Know what's uber-devestating to trees? False spring. If they bud, and then winter returns, they really suffer. in reply to PaintsNature #
  • Tunisia / Egypt – So sad that Uncle Sam's support of authoritarian right has made moderate left a non-viable option. #
  • @PaintsNature They're survivors! :-) What I saw in Cape Breton after a terrible year was a) all buds died then b) 2nd batch were bonsai! in reply to PaintsNature #
  • @MarkIsNotOnFire "You tweeted about 7 hours after haha" valid? *shrug* Technically correct, sure. Congratulations? in reply to MarkIsNotOnFire #
  • @MarkIsNotOnFire I think your avatar captures the spirit of your tweet. Meanwhile you ignore the spirit of mine. Hush, now. in reply to MarkIsNotOnFire #
  • Tunisia / Egypt – So sad that Uncle Sam's support of authoritarian right has made moderate left a non-viable option. #
  • "The Tunisia Twitter Revolution That Wasn't" > < @MotherJones .com #
  • @evgenymorozov – Greets! I 1st used IT to publish our anti-apartheid research late 70s … I sure do appreciate your sanity! ^5 cc: @daudig #
  • @citizenrick Hi there – RFE: Change the website title in include Public Citizen … it matters when trying to find it! cheers #
  • "direct correlation: staff-citizen engagement and job satisfaction" > < "High Perf Open Gov" #Gov2 0 #praxis 1 of 2 #
  • My point in – the increased job satisfaction doesn't come from bla-yada-blah admiration but from /engagement/. #Gov2 0 #
  • @dankeldsen Some sorta express lane for known-good frequent fliers? or just good service for plebs? /me gob-smacked in reply to dankeldsen #
  • @gagnier Total number of "new models" proposed: 0 cc: @dtapscott in reply to gagnier #
  • My "participatory deliberation" yields "an open platform of world-class educational resources" > < cc: @dtapscott #
  • "Open network decision making" … that has a nice ring to it, no? #Gov2 0 #E rulemaking #
  • @davemcclure Arno Penzias had a great tactic at AT&T: set up to fail. Limited investment of resources / ego, as a test. cc: @f in reply to davemcclure #
  • A-list pundits spin out aspirational values (w/o explication, note) … okie dokie. But what about doing the actual heavy lifting? #Gov2 0 #
  • Man this gets me down … "Very interesting. I'll read it tomorrow" leads to /silence/. #
  • The design for a platform, a framework, a set of methods and techniques = *yawn / shrug* … I hate this game. #
  • Djokovic is /hot/! #tennis #
  • I can think of 1 strong reason for inter-agency rivalry: duplication of effort. So competition is symptomatic / diagnostic! #EGov #
  • 1) Innovation is social. 2) Gov dept's and non-gov agencies guard their turf jealously. 3) *D'uhh!* #
  • Just watched Djokovic take down Federer. And yesterday, Ferrer knocks off Nadal. Nothing's certain! #tennis #

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