BenTrem tweeted on 2011-01-26

  • "It's about jobs, stupid!" "Nothing else on people's minds." Like I've said: if there's a threat of progress, Psychopaths crash the economy. #
  • @csbodine Indeed; well said. Now if only I can get it into my head to worry only about my own precious self. *blink* Oh, no, wati. ;p in reply to csbodine #
  • @vwadhwa My line would be, "Well that's fine. But think twice about getting tangled with a product that's supposed to do something." ;p in reply to vwadhwa #
  • Military deaths in action: 462. Military deaths by suicide: 468. *sigh* #
  • "Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP)" > < the sorta folk I've always wanted to empower. #Gov2 0 #E Rulemaking #
  • "New Voodoo Economics Crowding Out Clear Thinking" > < #
  • @rachelsterne Sure do have an idea, and Bloomberg Communications would love it too. Shall I just give it away? :-) #innovation in reply to rachelsterne #
  • @rachelsterne Does "attention economy" favor substantial innovation? I think not. > <> < cheers in reply to rachelsterne #
  • "Social dynamics" are not somehow isolated from _realpolitik_. Realpolitik includes the fact that this delusion is common. #Praxis #
  • The charmingly false smile is the diplomatic equivalent of how the sniper moves through low bushes … impeccably. #
  • Presentation is separate from content, right? Similarly, code is separate from design. Code is implementation; 1 way to skin the cat. #
  • "Americans Say Economy, Jobs Are Top Priorities, but Divide on Other Issues" > < ( #
  • Laser theory at 9; Kant at 13; SigInt and NORAD/SAC by 21. I've lived for collaboration. The A-list has blocked my every move. PO'd, I am. #
  • "If you don't have a big idea then you don't have a compass; you're just steering by the wind." George Shultz on Charlie Rose 24JAN11 #

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