BenTrem tweeted on 2011-01-25

  • @tylerdewar Has Rinpoche done commentary on the slogans? Another set of flash-cards wouldn't hurt! in reply to tylerdewar #
  • A 1st for me: I find myself cheering the Jets! #
  • @tylerdewar Oh w00t! Looking forward to that, for sure. (I think it's Migme who suggested to Pema, "Drive all blame onto Juan" *grin*) in reply to tylerdewar #
  • @ZenDirtZenDust IMNSHO the "attachment" thingie is key. I inevitably want to disagree with "Desire causes suffering". cc: @chrislhayes in reply to ZenDirtZenDust #
  • Ok fine, a safety. So now Jets can win with TD + 2FG. Or 2TD … tall order either way. #
  • Is it just me or has Sanchez lost control the last few plays? That pass on the goal line … then this bork … broken plays? Choke? #
  • Hinayana rejects, Mahayana provides antidotes, and Vajrayana transforms, right? Then why's my sangha so selective / protective / fragile? #
  • Hunh … I'm on the same page as Sanchez. 3rd time in a row I guess which way he's going on big passing play. #

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