BenTrem tweeted on 2011-01-24

  • Folk see "social software" as the source of good. Those same folk over-spend on luxuries, eat too much garbage food, and don't exercise. #
  • heh … "matter" is a myth. What we think of as matter is just an energy fog. heh #
  • @CoachChic Coachs are geeks? Sure, that works for me. ;) in reply to CoachChic #
  • Montreal Anaheim shootout … I changed channel at 2:30 for a few moments and missed the tying goal. meh #
  • C'mon fellas … tie it … high blocker side. #
  • #UFC – Was watching for Dos Santos and wondering. OMG matched against Brock Lesnar in coaching Ultimate Fighter? hoooaa! #
  • Someone mistook me for a pacifist. I asked them if they knew of an honest foreign policy, so I could take up arms again. #dharma #
  • Bob Marley says, "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery." Me? "Your self-serving fecklessness pisses me off and messes up my work." shrug #
  • Watching "Traitor". Damn. "Generation Kill" extended. Not /everybody/ is feckless, you see. So who the fuck do you think /you/ are? #
  • Know what the joke is? Buddies at NSA know as well as I do how peripheral I am. It's all good. Civil society takes a back seat, always. #
  • Algeria, Tunisia … kinda like the ass-kicking the cops handed out in Chicago a couple of decades ago. Give your heads a shake. Tune in. #
  • Who uses who? "To thine own self be true, and it shall follow as night follows day …" Your fecklessness makes you pawns for the worst. meh #
  • heehee NSA came up 3rd on the list of intelligence agencies. *snicker* Be 5th or be #1 … WTF/FFS *giggle* #
  • "Gull" … active verb. A good old word. Producers gull feckless yuppies by, instead of increasing price, sell in smaller package. #matrix #
  • Got a taste for classic movies? Find yourself a copy of "A Boy Loves His Dog". You owe it to yourself. And your friends. (Harlan Ellison) #
  • Hallelujah – x-CIA Dir Michael Hayden addresses the fact that such as CIA is most concerned with "close fight" rather than "deep fight". #
  • Green Bay's executing; can Chicago D turn it around? #
  • Yupp, Chicago D is stepping up. Lotsa time left! (FWIW I'm pulling for GB but want to see this become a game.) #
  • Chicago shows how defense can ham-string a really good QB. #
  • Gadd … w/o the interception by Raji this game wudda been scary. #

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