BenTrem tweeted on 2011-01-23

  • I grew up with the old joke "Never go into business making things that work". That's meaningful to me. Folk who bla-yada will act dumb. #
  • If someone can make their living with bla-yada about #Gov2 0, why in the name of god would they get into innovation? That'd be silly. #
  • My motives are very clear: by my estimate we're 2 steps from #GlobalGulag and you're the sort who would blithely document our slide. #borg #
  • @levyj413 heh … brilliantly ironic: anyone who clicks on the Sunlight Foundation link gets a huge "DONATE NOW". Massively pathetic. in reply to levyj413 #
  • If the system was honest then grant writing would be a matter of technical documentation. It isn't. It's about applying for a private club. #
  • #abhidharma – Is personality anything more than the constellation of likes and dislikes? #AlayaVijnana #
  • "An Idiot Abroad" episode 1 … this should be good. #
  • #RockyMountains – Stay out of the backwoods! A metre of snow in some places. "At Your Own Risk" is official. Which to me means SaR is maxed. #
  • @levyj413 Oh, hey, nothing so subtle or sophisticated. I think it's just bad taste. 1/3 of homepage is "DONATE NOW" … c'mon. in reply to levyj413 #
  • I hrd "Gimme the Microphone" and pondered repeat rpt rpt … reminded me of Hocksley Workman whatevuh. OMFG it's him. #ersatz #
  • @CoachChic shudda been Ben's nice person of 2010. cheers, coach! p.s. you watch tennis at all? Tourneys are long enuff to follow indiv's. in reply to CoachChic #
  • Funny … something has held my attention since 1975 and I'm assured that it's intriguing. *sigh* #FailureToCommunicate #
  • Sometimes I have to turn away from Generation Kill. The politics are just tooooo realistic … like trying to un-fuck yuppie prats. #
  • @CoachChic The skills are amazing … flat-out run to do a cross-court hook into the corner … spooky good. in reply to CoachChic #
  • #RockyMountains – Worst conditions in a couple of decades. "Out of Bounds" and "At Your Own Risk" … don't go into back country! #
  • More flooding in Australia. Ridiculously cold in US NE … good thing Global Climate Change is just a liberal scam! *sigh* #
  • "Start listening to the common sense on the streets of America." No A-list pundit would ever support such a move. #Gov2 0 #
  • The failure of civil society isn't merely the failure of progressive policies; it's the failure of progressives to make the arguments. #
  • Liberalism is poison, science is bunk, Obama's a socialist … and then of course there's the UFOs flying around. *sigh* #
  • #SimplePleasures – Super-sharp / old cheddar in spinach salad w/egg … yummerz! #
  • @CoachChic Was thinking of balance. Key to winter camping is lose "OMG I'm gonna freeze" instinct. Hand/eye w/o "OMG I'm gonna fall". Faith? in reply to CoachChic #
  • @CoachChic p.s. saw an amazing little clip concerning muscle memory: take b'ball player who's good from the line. Blindfold. Still drains! in reply to CoachChic #
  • @CoachChic Sorry coach no can do: I saw it on TV. Not a long time ago … maybe on Discovery Channel? That daily science show? Only maybe. in reply to CoachChic #
  • Why stealth mode? Because I think that those who fake interest in enabling democratic processes would steal my IP and rob me blind. #matrix #
  • @CoachChic When I replay it in my mind the narrator has the sorta informal chatty conversational style we see on Daily Planet. -more- in reply to CoachChic #
  • @CoachChic I'll keep re-visiting it … maybe I'll recall something, a key search term or something. cheers in reply to CoachChic #

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