BenTrem tweeted on 2011-01-06

  • @mAjOr_bLySs Well yuh know there's tantra and then there's "tantra". IMNSHO the "new age" stuff I helped usher in did precious little good. in reply to mAjOr_bLySs #
  • @MrGutsMan So you're as insane on Twitter as you are on YouTube. No big surprise. BTW: you're a stalker. Fact. in reply to MrGutsMan #
  • @MrGutsMan You don't like my web site? So cares … at least I have one. You hide. Psycho creep. in reply to MrGutsMan #
  • @MrGutsMan You put that nonsense in quotes, but I didn't say anything like that. So you're a liar, also. Psycho. in reply to MrGutsMan #
  • @MrGutsMan Here's what I actually said: "If you think 30 billion tons of CO2 has no effect you're insane." Only /you/ said CO2 was toxic. in reply to MrGutsMan #
  • TeaBaggers rant against BS … but then they make things up. When /they/ lie it's okay … cuz they're "saved by faith". Elemental fascism. #
  • Between tweets about video games and rants against intellect @MrGutsMan writes, "Anyone got a job out there?" … kinda sad. #
  • Why I stress "discourse-based decision making": "Don’t Touch Social Security; Drive for Cuts Based on Deception" > < #
  • In 1974 I read a paper on how jury deliberations often as not /increased/ disagreement. Changed my life, that did. #discourse #
  • @MrGutsMan Now your telling lies on Twitter? One sick puppy you are. CO2 is t… (YouTube #
  • @MrGutsMan You go on Twitter and lie about what I said? One sick puppy you ar… (YouTube #
  • @support RFE: people who are registered anonymously shouldn't be able to reply to others. They're trolls. #
  • So often I've met people who, well, really wanted to limit their exposure to other people. I'm there now. At 56. Is that victory? Or defeat? #
  • @MrGutsMan You're obviously insane. I understand why you're online anonymousl… (YouTube #
  • @greenman3610 Stretching definitions a bit here … it's a waste product. Tox… (YouTube #
  • @MrGutsMan What does it mean? It means that people have different opinions. O… (YouTube #
  • 34F and Cat has been outside playing all day. Gotta luv it! #
  • @bradneuberg Cold Fusion … circa '98? I bet there's an interesting business story in there. in reply to bradneuberg #
  • "The Bermuda Triangle Of Productivity" > < BuzzFeed #geeky is gonna be my new addiction, I just know it. #

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