BenTrem tweeted on 2011-01-07

  • Here's something to ponder: the rabid anti-liberal attitude in USofA is /absolutely/ consonant with radicalism in Pak and Afgh. One piece #
  • Aaargh! Missed the first 7 of CAN|RUS … stupid, stupid supper. #
  • heh … organist in Buffalo plays 1st 4 chords of "Hockey Game" and crowd goes on to sing whole chorus. #
  • @mAjOr_bLySs I'm a cranky old Zennist. (Squirrel keeps me smiling.) So concerned about how folk can use stuff to secure ego. namaste! in reply to mAjOr_bLySs #
  • wow … Canada pulls ahead 2 0 with seconds to go. A /gorgeous/ sharp angle shot. #
  • GOP: "We didn't come here to fight the deficit, we came here to fight the government." Ohhhh great. #
  • Russia is reducing Canada's power-play to fluff … were set up for /maybe/ 30 seconds. #
  • OMG such a gorgeous goal! Funny how some teams are stronger 5 on 5 … 3 – 0! #
  • Watching Canada/Russia? Watch Canadians in their own end, keep an eye on movement /away/ from the puck. Wonderful discipline. #
  • Looks to me like young Russian has broken collar bone. It always feels way worse 30 seconds /after/ it breaks, when you try to flex it. #
  • Holy sheep-shit … 2 goals in what, 10 seconds? CAN 3 RUS 2. #
  • 1 score = Gold. Spooky, ain't it? #
  • /me sings "Always Look on the Bright Side" from Life of Brian. Canada gets silver. *sigh* #
  • Ever been frustrated by a c'ttee meeting that's just jaw, jaw, jaw? That's social media. Am I alone in wanting an alternative? Apparently. #
  • Desire causes suffering? Oh woa up … poison causes death, but I don't die if I don't eat or drink the poison. Don't buy into aversion. #
  • #Alberta – I made my $$$ in the Lougheed era. In 2004 I figured: look at oilsands inputs and select items for manufacturing. Nobody cares. #
  • #Alberta – My point is: Albertans are far, far, far lamer than folk think. (And yes, believe me, folk think Albertans are lame.) #

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