BenTrem tweeted on 2011-01-05

  • 40% of Canadians self-identify as over-weight. Oh-woops sorry, truth is: 66%, w/20% clinically obese. More money and stuff, that'll fix it! #
  • What's up in Arkansas? First thousands of birds fall from the sky, now a massive fish die-off. Yoiks. #
  • Wheels come off US team: behind 2-0, get a penalty followed immediately by another and then *ting* … Canada w/2 man advantage. #
  • Yepperz … 3 – 0 for Canada mid-way through 2nd period. #
  • Break-away gives Canada 4 – 0 lead! #
  • Congratulations: our "Juniors" will be playing for Gold! #
  • "Charity fatigue" has morphed into all out narcissism: no less than /3/ programs on TV right now about fat people getting special attention. #
  • @MrGutsMan You're such a jerk. "Global Climate Change" captures it…. (YouTube #
  • @MrGutsMan Good question: fact is that /any/ change in temperature changes we… (YouTube #
  • @tremben p.s. agriculture is based on prediction. Crops are planted according… (YouTube #
  • @MrGutsMan Climate Change is bullshit because Gore is getting rich off it. Ge… (YouTube #
  • Here's what gets me: these crackpots think that billions of tons of CO2 from … (YouTube #
  • An experiment: deep fried chicken for "half as long". Popped it in a medium hot oven. OMG … this will now be my regular method. #
  • @shiwapema heh … "never knowing" is half the fun, nae? :-) TD in reply to shiwapema #
  • @shiwapema Earlier today found a section of Kunched Gyalpo Tantra in "Buddha Mind; Anthology of Longchenpa" … Alala! @dzigarkongtrul #
  • @dzigarkongtrul _{*}_ Glitch on web page: widget puts /dzigarkongtrul/statuses/ instead of /dzigarkongtrul/status/ so 404 on link back. TD! in reply to dzigarkongtrul #

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