BenTrem tweeted on 2011-01-02

  • One thing I'm confused about: it's almost as though you're driving from comma… (YouTube #
  • Wasn't that first wave a total rush? I was 3 or 4 ships N of you, in a fairmi… (YouTube #
  • @Deathmachinept Actually intentional kamikaze were ruled out, I'm pretty sure. (YouTube #
  • My entertainment ATM: classical concert on PBS. Usta have season tickets (14th row, center) for symphony. Fine things are more than good. #
  • Perhaps I can put it this way: great classical music is a statement of pure truth. But we live in a world of facts, of action / consequence. #
  • @DreamHost Hey there, didn't know you were on Twitter! HNY to everyone there, and thanks for the yrs of service. cheers! #
  • @hyoslvrscott Yaa, thanks, that for sure makes sense. One big thing I noticed… (YouTube #
  • Ok now this is silly. Put my back out; moved very slowly to my chair and sat. Now can't get out of it! Almost comical. Almost. #

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