BenTrem tweeted on 2011-01-03

  • @ponlop – 3 letter reply? That's a pretty powerful communicative gesture. Dear WhoEver's Keyboarding for Rinpoche: Please have an eye. TD. in reply to ponlop #
  • @ponlop – Is not jumping on the band-wagon "rebel'? or passive aggression? I find that even the slightest reservation is greeted as violent. #
  • Path of revulsion: I'd like to burn your cities to the ground, but don't. Path of transformation: I grok the self-loathing you suppress. #
  • Warmest Jan 1 ever in Toronto. Yippee yahoo? Last week we had flooding on both east and west coast. #Yuppies #039; kidz = ADHD. #
  • p.s. flooding in AU "of biblical proportions". And don't forget the storm that shut down US airports. (You profit from being flakes?!) #
  • I'm kinda sad: a bit of pharma got me up, standing, and even walking. I find myself disappointed that pain killers worked so well. #
  • See, thing about karma is, it tracks who you are /really/ … it doesn't cheat. It isn't into sophistry and personality games. Get it? #
  • The point is: your small-minded activity has its effects without regard to your self-validating rationalizations. Your nastiness works. #
  • @kpcmonk No, desire doesn't cause suffering. That's a Theravadin view. Try the yana of transformation. *sigh* cc: @JALpalyul in reply to kpcmonk #
  • @kpcmonk You effectively argued against individual agency. Desire arises; there is suffering. I desire to mock you. I do not. Ergo? *sigh* in reply to kpcmonk #
  • Velcro Buddhism: thoughts cause suffering, so just deny the thoughts and come up with an appealing story and that will save you from shit. #
  • @kpcmonk Always the insistance that /action/ is one step away from who you are. The teacher you champion is some heroic saviour? meh in reply to kpcmonk #
  • @jspepper Usually folk who tweet about dehydration from working out are the sort who can't be without their water bottles. Thirst = death. in reply to jspepper #
  • Save 5 or 6 kids from starvation? or buy into a voodoo baldness remedy? No brainer: voodoo 7 times out of 10. Taliban has a point, yuh know. #
  • @jspepper Dunno. Did infantry. Did airborne. Dehydrated … 1ce. You dehydrate when working out? Maybe you have some sorta kidney problem. in reply to jspepper #
  • @jspepper BTW when I dehydrated we were doing advance to contact exercise … wearing black coveralls in summer. One cantine per day, max. in reply to jspepper #
  • "OMG I'm thirsty … medic!" "OMG I'm losing hair … medical emergency!" Taliban has a point, yuh know. #
  • @jspepper Okie dokie … kinda like what I said, "thirsty" = "dehydration". Silly me, with my mere existential / experiential definitions. in reply to jspepper #
  • @JALpalyul There are no contradictions in dharma. #
  • @ddmcd Liszt … such as he I bring to mind when I want to remind myself just how brilliant we can be. I hope you have his collected works! in reply to ddmcd #
  • When I forget that thoughts are empty ("desire" and such) I find that I have a whole lot of convenient excuses for what I do. #dharma #
  • @chrismessina Someone should write a book about that company. Already been done? in reply to chrismessina #
  • Chicago really has Green Bay's number today. #
  • Wow … I tweet about Chicago having their number and the Packers rub the sleep out of their eyes. Twitter Voodoo? #

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