BenTrem tweeted on 2011-01-01

  • Dean Baker; worth heeding: "The Obama Tax Deal" and others > < ( #
  • Listened to Dean Baker, now listening to Jim Stanford; I feel better than I've felt for months. Better sane "Good God!" than your bilge. #
  • @ccpa – Hi there; finally followed you! Say, why does Mr. Stanford say "American" instead of "the States" or "the USA"? *tsk-ktsk!*greets #
  • Corp profits: up; corp. investments: down; consummer debt: up. So, you figure this is "the invisible hand" of market forces? lamerz #
  • Is it coincidence that both Palin and ODonell talk like air-heads? I guess that's a virtue for TeaBaggers. (And US culture in general?) #
  • Who has less respect / more contempt for the tradition of European culture, Taliban? or #yuppies #
  • @rpreibold The sort of tittilating language that *alas!* so many find inspiring instead of /merely/ entertaining. Intellectual twinkies. in reply to rpreibold #
  • #vitality – It's -2 C (28F?) and Cat goes to the door asking to be let out. (Cuz I've de-traumatized cold … schweet!) #
  • #hockey – Canada VS Sweden. Dunno if you've watched any of this but OMG fast, young, strong, smart … totally amazing stuff. #
  • Wha'd I say? 0:58 Canada scores … Sweden's gonna push back big-time. wow #
  • Did I say Sweden would push back? Less than 2mins later Sweden capitalizes on powerplay to tie … total 3 shots on goal for 2 goals! #
  • Here's what pisses me off: you'll block "participatory discourse" (cuz it's mine, not yours) but you don't posit a better challenge. #borg #
  • Like #hockey Sweden/Canada … 2 goals in first 2 minutes. Ending the 1st tied 2/2. w00f #
  • Pick 1 dedication: profit by mastering personality politics | as an individual understand how things work / why things are so cruely wrong. #
  • Swedes tie at 5 with just under 9 left in the game. Yoiks #
  • And that's hockey: make such good breaks for yourself that the opponent has to cut a corner to block you. Just like innovation! #
  • OT Canada | Sweden tied at 5. Great hockey. #
  • Shootout Swedes VS Canada. Am I wrong in recalling that we're undefeated in shootouts? *jitter* #
  • Canada gets slot in 1/4 final … Swedes go to semi on shoot-out. (Of 2 losses in shootout both have been to Sweden. Go figure.) #

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