BenTrem tweeted on 2010-10-27

  • How stupid are TeaBaggers? Extending tax-cuts won't increase defecit because (from Loesch) "That's just giving people back their own money." #
  • Thinking back to the early days of spread-sheets: I'd have made a fortune if screwing yuppies was my hobby. *shrug* You're /soooo/ lame. #
  • Old values live on! Google's webmaster guidelines: "Use a text browser such as Lynx to examine your site" > < #
  • BTW I don't mean to antagonize you. It's more academic/scholarly. You make me wonder such as, "What's plural for 'putz'?" #twirps #
  • @ponlop – I know I'm flawed. Marty's "You are obstructing your teacher's work" stays with me all these years later. Did you know about that? #
  • I know it's right to suck up to you, to indulge you … because you're all wounded units, allergic to mere truth. Is why we're doomed. #borg #
  • RCMP to Commons committee: "Yes I've heard of those allegations". Heard of. Not "Had reported" or "Looked into". F'n yuppies! #G20 #
  • #YesWeCan – No, you can't. Why not? Cuz you kiss ass now like you sucked up to bullies in school. You're merely lame, is all. No biggie. #
  • Why is Steven Harper's gov't to the right of the USA? Easy: cuz in Canada we still give a shit about human rights; gotta slam our lid down. #
  • Having once worn an army uniform I want to take the Chief Superintendent of #RCMP stand him against a wall, and kick him in the nuts. Liar. #
  • Context: you're rewarded for smarmy. You're rewarded for sophistry. You've been trained to subservience. You think you can judge /anything/? #
  • Conservatives are TeaBaggers: in the face of RCMP bullshit, PC member of c'ttee is "concerned that members opposite are overly critical". #
  • A thought: you distract yourselves as though you're evading guilt. But you're actually evading fallibility, i.e just prideful cowards. #
  • @cbcedmonton – re: water; see McKenzie "pipeline debate" and look for MP Wally Firth i.e. "pipe will carry water south". '76? #YEG #Alberta #
  • #HuffPo – We can't understand anger if we can't empathize with those who are angry i.e. if we've become jaded. So the divide appears. #borg #
  • #HuffPo – We can't understand anger when we can't empathize with those who are angry i.e. if we've become jaded. The divide appears. #borg #
  • "There was discussion but I don't know who thought what." Well gee golly shucks, ehh? K, so to start: what was thought? Then / later "who". #
  • The economy is a gold mine. Those already wealthy got the gold; we got the shaft. (No, not original. Just true in the moment.) #
  • Simply: what did the wealthy contribute? Yes, of course some did. But 20% of wealthiest are CFOs … now, really … #
  • Cuba was exporting medical experts. Health-care as a net drain?! You must be nuts. Wealth-creation is always / only speculation? #matrix #
  • Imperial plutocracy; oligarchy … call it "the trouble with 'normal'". #
  • TeaBaggers use a yuppie trick: profess aspirational values, distort them, then use fictionalized version as diversion to distract fm facts. #

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