BenTrem tweeted on 2010-10-28

  • #Music – 2 on YouTube: Janelle MonĂ¡e – "Tightrope" > < Lyle Lovett – "Natural Forces" > < #
  • Hoe in! "Charlie Rose: Monday, 25OCT10" > < #Dems #HuffPo #
  • 1994; Charlie Rose with U.S. SecLabor Robert Reich > < Q: have you ever paid attention to anything/anyone? Ever? #
  • PBS Frontline; "What Went Wrong with BP?" Simple: yuppies got responsibility and a bit of power. Recipe for catastrofuck. #
  • You've every reason not to like or trust me. I'm not loyal to your games. You smell that. I'm just saying your right; you're bent, not mad. #
  • IEEE "The Spill" > < IEEE, nimrod, not your dip-shit mutual admiration clap-trap. Have a thought sometime. #
  • Maybe Palin is so big on TeaBagging to distract folk from corruption in Alaska, like BP in Prudhoe Bay. It's the American way, right? #
  • Weapon-related deaths are down in Canada. Tell me again how we're doing things wrong? Crackers bullshit while yuppies just kiss ass. #
  • This PBS documentary talks about "culture of excellence". Since 1968 I've been saying you support a culture of sucking up and copping out. #
  • Here's the problem: you think psychopaths are sadistic monsters. Those are sociopaths. Psychopaths use you cuz you're willing to sell out. #
  • TeaBaggers are true to what they know; they're pathologically ignorant. Yuppies? Cheats, hypocrits, liars, sell-outs. Pret'near hell realm! #
  • "Smart is the new rich" … yaa, rich, and nobody's smarter than the bull-shitters who talk their way out of things. Doom, kidz … doom. #
  • "Joni Mitchell, "Carey" at Wembley Arena, London 1983" > < (apalachian dulcimer!!) #
  • Now I'm in Alberta. I've been fighting fascist tendencies here for decades. I wonder: does Texas have the balls to make sense? Just a thot. #
  • #Dems #HuffPo – Did you know about Glenn Beck's project? … "secular Darwinism" is the enemy?! #
  • @semnyi You think oligarchs don't listen? Sure they listen. Then they ignore. Tell a killer rapist he's cute / misunderstood? in reply to semnyi #
  • @semnyi BTW I write "oligarchs are the trouble with normal". All you see is "name calling". So even /you/ don't listen! in reply to semnyi #
  • @adrielhampton HootSuite (as well as other bad behaviour) doesn't create back-links, so dunno what you replied to. stay well in reply to adrielhampton #
  • @robocrunch – I thought through "Syntactic Graph" and cut it loose. Now I'm into discourse. Think Hesse's _glasperlenspiel_. cheers in reply to robocrunch #
  • "Syntactic Graph … describing the meaning of natural language." > < Oh-woops: persons are human, not CPUs. Next? #
  • Sure, sychophants and psychopaths and bullies use sophistry to jerk us around. But still: rhetoric is essentially human in nature. #borg #
  • Just finished re-reading story of WordPerfect. And you're wrong: Round 1 doesn't produce a working product; that's silly! So you are too. #
  • If I had been doing IT in Silicon Valley for 30yrs (instead of raising kidz in Cape Breton) no shit I could invest in my work. F'n D'uhh. #
  • "You Must Work In #Management quot; > < (An LJ post from 6yrs ago … still good!) #
  • #PersonalityTest What was 1st impression of spreadsheet? For most, blank stare. For others (like me) more like, "OMG a real crystal ball!" #
  • #music – Joan Armatrading "Shouting Stage" > < (YouTube) Sooooo classy! > < (my MP3) #
  • Gee golly d'uhh, the aristocrats are screwing us again: prices for sky-high housing hitting records in HK and China. #
  • Kevin O'Leary suggests we provide alternative transport for ducks near Alberta taling ponds. heh #
  • Hey kidz, here's a souvenir from the 70s … ever heard of #Stagflation Hold on to your ****s! #
  • @audreywatters – HiYa, just caught Marshall's shout. "Beer snob"? Good phrase; since I started brewing my own I'm that way more and more. in reply to audreywatters #
  • Dear PM Harper – I'm sure you have ideological differences. Isn't that enough? What's the bullshit for; you & your buddies on the take? #
  • #MLB – I have a bottle of black rum; how are y'all? Let the games begin!! #Giants #
  • #MLB – I have a bottle of black rum; how are y'all? Let the games begin!! #SFGiants #WorldSeries #
  • @bobcesca_go RFE: "When in doubt, they beat up /somebody/" … they're usually equal-opportunity abusers. cheers in reply to bobcesca_go #
  • @Annabeth_Schott FWIW I don't think nearly enough people followed Kristen's career. She's the real thing, and that's a fact! in reply to Annabeth_Schott #
  • #SFGiants – I'd love to see even 5 innings of kick-ass from Lincecum just to prime the pump. #

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