BenTrem tweeted on 2010-10-26

  • I happen to like booze, taverns, and parties. But Elvis and "Viva Las Vegas"? Pure pathology. The roots of Hannibal Lecter. #matrix #borg #
  • Coincidence: I tweet of Elvis / "Viva Las Vegas" as symptomatic and next on TV: Lee Atwater as head of GOP. NB: you lionize assholes. #borg #
  • BBC … modernization of Sherlock Holmes: the writers know that /some/ people pay attention. (/You/ just think it's rude/odd.) #
  • Bio: I've been using global comms since '72. (Or '68. You pick.) I got bored with all this in '98. Your intentional mediocrity is a pox. #
  • @ponlop – Just thinking: rebellion? That's just ego looking for limits. Not at all madyamika, really. I /over-threw/; didn't rebel. _{*}_ #
  • 4 #dharmas energize, magnetize, pacify, destroy. Notice how "suck up", "seduce", "manipulate" aren't on the list? Your values are empty. #
  • Dear #BellMobility – Here's a concept (no charge): try doing things well. I know, it's just a concept, but give it a spin. #Bell #FAIL #
  • #code #programming #startup – You owe it to yourself; read this: "The rise and fall of WordPerfect Corporation" > < #

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