BenTrem tweeted on 2010-10-19

  • "John le CarrĂ©" > < What he says about governance and communications is prime. You must listen to this CBC int'view. #
  • BTW I used to make moonshine. For personal use, of course. Now? 7% ale. (As if you'd understand WTF I mean. heh!) #
  • @spiver It's fun to hold a thought for, oh … coupla days. Coupla weeks. You know. I'm disappointed when folk snap threads. Threads? tantra in reply to spiver #
  • @FACLC Trust an Alberta secessionist to make edge arguments about the American constitution. Baffle-gab someone with IQ < 75. *scheeesch!* in reply to FACLC #
  • @DavidMTaylor Dunno pirate culture. Roots are from Brettany … republic til late 1700s yuh know. BTW: TD tells me not to which you reply. in reply to DavidMTaylor #
  • @baldaufji There are times when alone is the way to be. On deck? Just me. I'll do that alone, thanks kindly. cc: @USEmbPretoria in reply to baldaufji #
  • @baldaufji Scott … mando? G'wan. Autoharp here. Next you'll tell me you enjoy a game of Go now and again. cheers (Stay optimistic!) in reply to baldaufji #
  • @FACLC You fly? I've met a coupla YEG tweeters with private licence. Sad about the airport … lotsa history. (I'm from St. Paul.) in reply to FACLC #
  • #movies – "Croupier" ended just now. Wow. Ace / dark. #
  • #movies – "Croupier" ended just now. Wow. Ace / dark. Brought Camus' short stories to mind. #
  • Don't like intelligence agencies? They give military and police a brain. Would you rather they be brainless? Get a f'n grip, pls/thanks. #
  • You know all that stuff w/Bagram and GTMO and all of that? Well I figured that out in '73, with Chile. I was 19. Give your head a shake? #
  • Anybody out there with a bit of spine and a sense of humour? How'z about we swift-boat the TeaBaggers. Seems like fun to me. #
  • @baldaufji Back when lava was splashing around? Yes! BTW there is something like that. On youtube. Fund-raiser to buy instruments for kids. in reply to baldaufji #
  • #music – Recall that YouTube where folk from around the globe together do a song? What's the non-profit who did it? Instruments for kids. #
  • #AttentionEconomy – Some folk stand front of the room and give presentations. Others implement database for contacts and library. win/lose #
  • Contradistinction: information | data – You can imagine reading a dictionary. I did it. NobodyRPTnobody would ever read telephone book. #
  • I liked a YouTube video — Announcing_Synaptica_Express.mp4 #
  • OMG miso soup w/green onions & spinache. Gotta luv home cooking! #
  • Remember the way the Right went into a flap about empathy? Keep in mind that, for them, altruism is an abomination. #pathology #

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