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  • Think terrorism and eco-catastrophe are scary? Dig this: "Finance has become the new form of warfare" > < #
  • In case you wonder what I mean by rhetoric/sophistry (or think you know, but don't): TeaParty is all rhetoric/sophistry. No counter-plan. #
  • "Could WikiLeaks Have Prevented 9/11? Former FBI Agent Says Yes" > < You're hooked on junk food and junk communications #
  • Yuh know, your real values show. Politics is necessarily mean? Oh. Tell Gandhi. Or MLK Jr. Not everbody's fans of Nixon / JFK. #
  • @ChrisLaBossiere I'd wager on Mandel too. But 9:39? I'd guess it'll be either even earlier/quicker (clear lead) or a good deal later (not). in reply to ChrisLaBossiere #
  • Canadian data: we owe (as individual householders) 140% of our income. I'm in the black. Sux to be you? #
  • p.s. no, sux to be me: you enjoy all the stuff you bought as you drive the planet to destruction. I go along for the ride. Embitter much? #
  • heh … ad for TLB "direct by telephone" system. Is basically just what I designed for hospital foundation (Halifax) in '93. *shrug* #
  • TeaBaggers say Obama administration "over-reaches its authority". Make things up to get elected?! #pathology #
  • Know what? Sane GOP are going to have a real bad hang-over after this election. Maybe that will cause them to rally. #lemonade #
  • OMG MLB on channel 23!!! #AsleepAtTheSwitch #
  • @ink_slinger Darn it, just thought of this: we cudda rigged up a widget to follow all the candidates! *D'uhh!* #YEG in reply to ink_slinger #
  • Watching @theedmontonian via livestream > < #YEGVote (If you do more Glenn Beck style I'll leave. !j/k … NYY MLB.) #
  • @karenleibovici – Hardly the time for this but: 2nd VP of the FCM?! Congrats! and, of course, good luck! in reply to karenleibovici #
  • #YEGVote 101 – Alphabetically: @daryl4mayor @VoteDorward @MandelforMayor #
  • #MLB TEX/NYY on TV #1 and #YEGVote on #2 Fail Whale Pale Ale rules! *g* #
  • @SimonOstler To be fair, Shaw TV 10 is full time … it just so happens it's /them/ I'm watching. ;-p in reply to SimonOstler #
  • One of the originals: I'm getting real-time #YEGVote results at TweetGrid (Lots of options.) #
  • Here's @edmontonjournal live blog > < First result from them > < #
  • Dear Kenya – I notice you're trashing your forests. Rude of me to say, but they give us fresh air. BTW /you/ get water and soil. #Think #
  • @VoteDorward Classy of you to tweet your congrats. The other 2 candidates haven't used Twitter for hours. cheers! in reply to VoteDorward #
  • @SimonOstler Actually @MandelforMayor last updated 5hrs ago. in reply to SimonOstler #
  • @IdeaGov What I'm working on: finding a grant foundation that doesn't spook 1/2 the body politic. Tough age for good politics! in reply to IdeaGov #
  • @AaronStrout Thought they were gonna pull it out … no out, fast runner on 1st, Jeter at bat. HeyHo, don't wanna scare everyone off. ;-p in reply to AaronStrout #
  • @jayrosen_nyu It's so hard to do that sorta thing without having to choose sides at the barricades! I can, and would, but we're not at war! #
  • "Pooling Resources, Two [nonprofit investigative] Newsrooms Merge" > < (NYTimes) #
  • "Pooling Resources, Two [nonprofit investigative] Newsrooms Merge" > < (NYTimes) via @jayrosen_nyu #
  • "Four Freedoms Under Siege; Clear and present danger from National Security State" > < #ThinkPiece #matrix #
  • TeaBagger are allergic to reality: Nevada candidate says 9/11 hijackers came in from Canada. No, they didn't. No. Not. Wrong. *f'n fascist!* #
  • @FullContactTMcG To tell the truth I know 0 about those games. Was into VRML in the 90s (I'm old!) but no clue now-days. WoW bored me fast. in reply to FullContactTMcG #
  • @AaronStrout I /loved/ playing shortstop … figured my job was to break hearts / kill mo'. *evuhl grin* in reply to AaronStrout #
  • Beyond sophistry and rhetoric … please know I understand perfectly well why you don't care. I really do. I even sympathize. #pathology #
  • Drug bust uber-style US/Mexico border: 105 tons of pot worth more thatn $300M. woof #
  • "brains of trustworthy people likely quite different from the brains of the dishonest." > < #dharma #Neuroplasticity #
  • It comes to this: if you were in power you'd play the same personality games that you play with social software; our society is bent. #borg #
  • @CBCPolitics – Nice web page to browse. But to find an item that aired? (F-35 panel) Almost impossible. It's a pretty heap. in reply to CBCPolitics #

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