BenTrem tweeted on 2010-10-18

  • #scrum – Most folk are trifling … that makes them chickens. They stand between me and the folk with skin in the game. And they interfere. #
  • "Military industrial complex" isn't an abstraction for me. I was in uniform. Salvadore Allende's elected gov't was over-thrown on my watch. #
  • There are 2 kinds of rhetoric. 1 is a variant of sophistry, used to pitch and sell. The other clarifies, like sylogistic logic. Guess what, #
  • #Esks – *phew* 1st impression was wrong … bell rung, but maybe not /severe/ concussion. #
  • #ThinkPiece – "Mixing Mind and Metaphor" > < from TED Global 2009 #
  • Finally, I came up with /something/ I'd call #evil to convince someone that their authentic guesture is false, or meaningless, or invalid. #
  • @spiver Oh well hey yaa with some folk it's water into water. I'm not such a PITA for my health! *G* BTW: @FullContactTMcG is a sis. TD! in reply to spiver #
  • @adrielhampton I wonder … are all big corps so malevolently carniverous / rapacious? Though leftie I am, I can't but say No. *sigh* in reply to adrielhampton #
  • @FullContactTMcG Know what? I just thought of a snag. How many of us have actually/truly experienced authentic friendship? cc: @LamaSuryaDas in reply to FullContactTMcG #
  • Seeing the world as being people by folk who either a) are there to be exploited or b) are trying to exploit us, how can folk be fulfilled? #
  • Wondering why I was feeling punchy. Oh, yaa, right, writing / researching for 10hrs straight. D'uhh #
  • #Esks *wh000t!* #
  • #Esks – Ok, how to un-wh000t? #
  • #Esks re-wh000t! #
  • Do me a kindness? You click would prime my new Twitter widget > < #
  • #Esks – We gotta talk to the script-writers. #
  • #Esks – Wouldn't it be nice to end with a sigh of relief? #
  • #Esks – Nice … decent game … good stuff … #
  • @NalandaWest The big Q I came away with after months at Gampo was all about upaya. What passes for prajna can be pretty self-serving. TD! in reply to NalandaWest #
  • Gold is over $1300?! You gotta be kidding … #
  • #Prezi … what I was doing 10yrs ago with VRML. *sigh* > < #
  • @hockeybuddhist By going back to European roots of given and family names I came up with WillowBear. (Rainbow Family) cc: @ _karmadorje #
  • @rpreibold For a long time that sort of thing was right central to my daily life. I miss it, I do. in reply to rpreibold #
  • @digiphile If you're into his writing, I stashed some URLs a while back. He was something of a generalist … brilliant. #
  • @USEmbPretoria "Leave the Nation" is meant metaphorically? or is there an exodus of some sort? in reply to USEmbPretoria #
  • Do me a kindness? You click would prime my new Twitter widget > < #
  • @mathewi Probably one of those cases wher it shows a rising trend because it's being reported more often / hidden less often. cc: @pkedrosky in reply to mathewi #
  • @USEmbPretoria – Oh. Sox. *shrug* Yankies rule. *Next!* in reply to USEmbPretoria #
  • "Debate Rages Over Price of GOP Pragmatism" > < (CQPolitics) #
  • "Why Liberals Don't Get the Tea Party Movement" (epistemic closure of the progressive variety?) > < (WSJ) #

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