BenTrem tweeted on 2010-10-17

  • @FullContactTMcG HeyYa sis – #twangha Twitter as cyber camp-fire for sangha? DPR blogged on "coffee-table dharma" < TD in reply to FullContactTMcG #
  • @rebelbuddha In my experience nothing more wounding than the high-handed contempt of "sangha". Urban violence / cross-town traffic? *shrug* in reply to rebelbuddha #
  • In context of @RebelBuddha watching @parkerspitzer > < and hearing about "Third World America". Lotsa suffering. #
  • Truth? I have great empathy for my cohort. As I would for some crack-head jonesing for a crumb. Junkies, suffering. Karma's a bitch. #
  • #dharma – Know of Dogen Zenji? Know of Chuang Tzu? Tell me what his has to do with Buddhism: < #
  • If I was clehvur I'd start a Twitter accounts as DharmaGnome. Fact is I'm a plug. HeyHo. *g* #
  • If I don't understand what you mean, I ask. Is why I do docs. When you don't understand me, you ignore me and turn away. Is why you're ass. #
  • TeaBaggers vote Republican to resist "big government". Meanwhile GOP supporters are cutting multi-million dollar checks. Go figure. #
  • #rebel – Maybe it's that, after all's said/done, I'm Zen. You reward others' lazy indulgence with friendship, and shun my honesty. #bushido #
  • MSNBC personas make it clear to my why Republicans loath liberals … what a buncha ding-bats! #
  • I retract what I said about MSNBC being a "buncha ding-bats" … because of Pat Buchanan, believe it or not. #
  • Need a lift? Got a sense o'humour? "The Agenda Project F*ck Tea" > < (YouTube) #
  • Capitalism works? US$29B in federal contracts were let to subsidiaries of Alaska Native Corps, but natives (shareholders) remain in poverty. #
  • "Republican Outlook Improves with Focus on Likely Voter Polls" > < (Politics Done Right #
  • Gadd, worse than I thought: yuppies' kidz in US, 29th of 29 countries in math ability. But the kidz rate themselves highest. #matrix #borg #
  • Of course I love Twitter to death but … you know, thinking back, I enjoyed the web a lot more in the late 90s. I had a sense of common. #
  • @FullContactTMcG – Surya Dass is an old hand on the web; makes sense. He and Rinpoche should team up on something! tks 4 reFollow. TD in reply to FullContactTMcG #
  • @FullContactTMcG "Struggling" = drama, right? So KISS. My fave is shikantaza; just sit. Not "meditate", not "ponder", not "analyze". Sit! in reply to FullContactTMcG #
  • With Thomas Merton being pretty much central to my way of being, I can understand that you see me as pretty much Martian. How can we share? #
  • #dharma – Dig this: 2 of 4 "Unwholesome Deeds" are about bullshit. Phoney nice is very nearly as bad as flat out lie … go figure, ehh?? #
  • Remember this? "Barack Obama: "We Have a Lot of Work to Do"" > < (YouTube) #
  • "Paralysis by analysis" … the hyper-vigilance of #PTSD hijacks pre-frontal cognitive functions moment by moment. Like dragging a boulder. #
  • @WhiteHouse – Nice to see that the website's footer has been tweaked right. ;-) I kvetched about that a number of times. cheers #
  • The 750pg installation man I wrote for our microwave landing system used up to 6 levels of indentation. Folk /really/ don't grok precision. #
  • @WhiteHouse – I just sent 2 msgs via Contact Form. You'll want to peek that … honest. #
  • President Obama today: "Washington Republicans "Rewarding Corporations That Create Jobs and Profits Overseas"" > < #
  • #ThinkPiece – "Coalitions of the Caring: Inter-State Networks For Human Rights" > < ( #

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