BenTrem tweeted on 2010-10-16

  • I keep getting hung up on the same point: why are you willing to collude with your own exploitation just so you can swim in "nice"? Weird. #
  • I get hung up then use Occam's razor: the "nice" you lust for is all about co-conspiracy in mutually enforced deniability. Culture of Lie. #
  • "Self-directed neuro-plasticity" … get onto this, kidz. So I talk about #dharma and alaya-vijnana. Or #Zen Not the point. Be well soon! #
  • Self-directed neuro-plasticity – Turns out my urge to shout "Give you're f'ing head a shake!" has a basis: loose cognitive focus is !good. #
  • Self-directed neuro-plasticity – When your whole world is about affirming your story-line … guess what. It works; you disconnect. #
  • Here's the snag: be you social-democrats, liberals, or barking mad evangelicals, you still blink in order to make your fiction seem real. #
  • @GregBrockNYT Do the equiv of forensic audit; "follow the money" and it'll bring you to ruling corporation as person. cc: @GlenAllenWalken in reply to GregBrockNYT #
  • "Conviction is as straightforward as storytelling gets in a movie." > < What I mean by "forensic logic". Dare try it? #
  • … cuz, basically, you really want to. You know you do. cc: @rally4sanity #
  • "Dumb and Dumber" <==> "Palin and O'Donnell" #
  • Index, footnotes, ToC; zipper, paper clip, velcro; topoi, gnodal, glasperlenspiel. Sure wish someone would grok! #
  • @WestWingReport see "Video: Highlights of the House Debate" 10MARCH10 from JFP > < in reply to WestWingReport #
  • Context: MAR10: "Congress Members Urge Timeline for Withdrawal from Afgh." > < (YouTube) #
  • "Joe Sestak taking his first lead in the Pennsylvania Senate campaign in five months" > < #
  • In case you're concerned about such things: "On Ten Commandments bill, Christian Right has it wrong" > < (CSMonitor) #
  • "As The World Burns: 50 Simple Things You Can Do To Stay In Denial" > < Seven Stories Press #
  • Recently from – "If liberals hated America they'd vote Republican." heh #
  • "Return of the Reagan Democrats" Matthew Kaminski on move from blue to red. > < (video) #
  • "Conviction: The Incredible True Story of Betty Anne Waters" > < Follow @innocenceblog #
  • "Democratic Funding Fades; Liberal Groups Lag in Late Efforts to Raise Cash" > < What I've coped with my whole life! #
  • @historylearning – Hey Chris, I notice a couple of systemic problems with early pages on your site. EMail to follow. cheers –ben #
  • Is PM Harper a Canadian? All other nations, /all/ demanded their citizens be released from Gitmo. Not Harper. Now he lets US execute citizen #

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