BenTrem tweeted on 2010-10-15

  • Kind of a miracle, nae? #Chile #
  • Really and truly, don't you value "nice" cuz the con, the manipulator doesn't challenge you? I think you've got terribly guilty conscience. #
  • "the similar values of all faiths, and their potential for drawing us together to share a common ground." > < #
  • @ponlop – "New circumstances." HHDL > <> <> < __{*}__ Tashi Delek, R. KC: #
  • Thinking about cog-psych; I loved my time studying it. Like learning a new language. But compared to abhidharma? It's fuzzy! #dharma #
  • @thomasknoll I suggest you find some sort of philosophical still-point. (Mine is Buddhadharma.) Letting go preconceptions, well, heh … in reply to thomasknoll #
  • In my first web project I wrote "The future can be pretty good, or it might be worse than you can imagine. It depends what we do." #
  • Interesting history, at home and abroad: Americans have the tendency to shit-kick anybody who stands up for themselves. I wonder why. #
  • History: a documentary including the election of Reagan. The lowest moment in my life. That's when I gave up. You're simply clueless. #
  • How fitting that Reagan, with his cheese-brain and muddled mind, embraced ever more closely Evangelical beliefs. Rot. Total bloody rot. #
  • In your era? Evangelicals brought you George Bush. Read: 2 wars (body bags on your block?) and economic fiasco. Praise the Lord? Bloody rot. #
  • 2 parts of karma: 1) cheat/lie/steal will get you material gain, and 2) cheat/lie/steal will make you insane. What part is rocket science? #
  • NewToMe: @buzzflash – "progressive, bold, 100% independent, journalism and advocacy, tenth anniversary online" #
  • "Is USA in the grip of a rightwing backlash that will hit the November elections like a hurricane?" > < (Guardian) #

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