BenTrem tweeted on 2010-08-12

  • @McPheeBrothers I was gonna bite your ass for spamming me. heh … thanks! *beam* p.s I learned never /ever/ be _broke_. ;-) in reply to McPheeBrothers #
  • ReTw @McPheeBrothers – A man endures a week w/out his wife Check out "See You on Sunday" > < cc: @bmn @dpn @ideagov #
  • Google may be a "winner" but GMail is in so many ways pathetic. Looking at a msg; why can't I mark it UnRead? A: go to Inbox to do that. :-/ #
  • @dserink My bad … frustration skewed my perception? thanks … I'll kill that tweet. in reply to dserink #
  • @McPheeBrothers NP / more than glad. BTW @IdeaGov (Alan W. Silberberg) replied; you made him laugh. cheers! in reply to McPheeBrothers #
  • @McPheeBrothers SPAM and tinned corn … the man has unrealistically high expectations. Then ending? *shrug* Just karma, is all. heh in reply to McPheeBrothers #
  • /me ponders, "Now, who might be interested in my "gnodal" approach to public discourse?" *cough* (greets to "NiemanLab) #
  • @NiemanLab Say, has anyone written a paper on the LATimes experiment? My wiki-notes: < #
  • I've become disingenuous. When I look at the stuff I've done that you folk disdainfully ignore I want to smack you. And I don't. #yuppies #

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