BenTrem tweeted on 2010-08-11

  • #YEG – How about that weather! Coincidence: I'm working on my 1st #FlightSim movie: 2.5hrs fighting PacificNW squalls … unplanned! (RW WX) #
  • #YEG sudden downpour – Let's talk #karma Didn't the Folk Fest end /yesterday/?! Yaa, that. (One yr we got hit hard … Wed night! *phew!*) #
  • It's beem a while since the sort of storm I remember as a kid … but this is one dandy! Hail now on Whyte. #YEG #
  • WOWWWWWW … I was at the window and saw that one *w000f!* #YEG #ThunderStorm (Cat did /not/ like it.) #
  • YEG – Saw that one too. Ooh, and another. Oh darn! I didn't take pix of the hail! Blinding … #
  • #YEG – Storm? What storm? ;-) 2 pumpers from this station headed out; a 3rd passed, and I hear a 4th on the way. There it goes dwn Whyte #
  • Snapshot S/SE from Whyte minutes after the hail > < (Flickr) and it was still raining! Clouds are rolling North. #YEG #
  • I went out on the roof and took 4 pics of the clouds; quite dramatic. But low light. Meh. As a kid I had good cameras; dear digi failed me. #
  • #YEG – Why is the sky north-end redish? #
  • Through back door I'm still seeing flashes from lightning. #YEG #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — AA2 SFE Escape & Evade – Straight = Busted #

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