BenTrem tweeted on 2010-08-13

  • Extraordiny heat in Russia; huge floods in Pakistan. When I offther than "global climate change" is fractal you nod and move on. #yuppies #
  • @dan_schultz Hey Dan – VATSIM 1018262 here; I just discovered … wonderful! cheers –ben #
  • Racial profiling by police … f'n #yuppies put up with co-workers bullshit day in day out. You're killling the planet, you buncha jerks! #
  • And before I tell you to STFU ponder this: #yuppies consume something like 1000 times what they need. Snarky pigs. Watch: #GlobalGulag next. #
  • "God bless America" followed by "Muslims are taking over the country and President Obama is letting them." #Yuppies are reaping harvest. #
  • @hollingsworth "The document" is no longer = "the text"; those who throttle innovation (maintain monopoly) block non-linear implementations. in reply to hollingsworth #
  • I just received a little scolding from someone who started blogging 5 months ago, about impatience. Cretin = #yuppie #039;s kid. #
  • Awesome … in ArmA I'd be flying some bad-ass Apache to that music.
    But some… (YouTube #
  • Pretending I might get a reply: Why do you value "quick" so highly? The truly quick know when a thought isn't worth expressing. BrainDamage? #
  • @DrJennifer Thanks for this. I'll block you and hope 12step's retweets won't get through. cc: @ 12stepbuddhist (You must be /insane/!) #
  • @12stepbuddhist – I've followed you for quite a while. There's simply nothing "buddhist" about you. Scam. Pure scam. Merely, simply: scam. in reply to 12stepbuddhist #

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