BenTrem tweeted on 2010-07-30

  • Simply: #yuppies perpetuate deeply pathological social structure cuz it provides them a whole selection of excuses; plausible deniability. #
  • "Let Them Eat Urinal Cake" … is why I suffer through Steven Colbert. heh #
  • So I load GMaps and FF slows to a crawl. Oh, I so regret only have dual-core 1.8 w/3Gig RAM, abject apologies. #yuppie crap #
  • @dspark Yaa … "just sayin'" would at least be conversational. ;-^ in reply to dspark #
  • #YEG – CBC announces "And they both win 4day passes to the Folk Fest." …. Ooh. I mean, ooooh. No, wait … ooooh-woooo ohhhhhh! Yaa, that. #

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