BenTrem tweeted on 2010-07-29

  • Because /you/ perpetuate personality politics /my/ design for discourse-based decisions doesn't thrive so /we/ stumble along. #yuppies #Gov2 #
  • Want a hard-core example? Today's #yuppies have implemented a regression in our policy view; Marshall plan in the 40s was more adept. #
  • There's been a sea-change. #Yuppies now feel justified in their elitism. ("De-linkify"? Gimme a break; fetishist elitist crap.) #
  • "Think like us. If you don't think like us, your not one of us. And if you're not one of us, screw you." #PersonalityPolitics #yuppies #borg #
  • At 56 I'm coming to realize how people opt for cynicism / pessimism and become manipulative at 8, 12, 14 or whatevuh. Tempting. #BluePill #
  • "The ugly truth: Sexist attitudes persist in tech" > < (InfoWorld) File under "Well f'n Duhhhhhhhh!" #
  • Mike Duffy's showing his conservative nature: stress the logic, then when it's shown specious, go for ad hominem. Fly that banner, Duffy! #

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