BenTrem tweeted on 2010-07-28

  • Want to see a real life vampire? Speak honestly to a "nice" person; pale sweaty skin, the eyes hollow, fangs, hissing, claws … #yuppies #
  • @islandnetcom Hey there! I just came across Steve's name in VATSIM forums. Tell him too look out: I'll be flying soon. *Duck and cover!* :) in reply to islandnetcom #
  • BP CEO gets $930K/yr parachute. nice #
  • After 10 intense days in an intense environment w/intense specialists: ~~10% actually want progress. #pathology #
  • InfoWorld asks, "Whatever happened to #Perl " > < and I ask, "Who freakin' cares? Die, monstah, DIE!" huh huh #

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