BenTrem tweeted on 2010-07-31

  • #CFL – I want to see my Esks play a game they can feel good about, win lose or draw. C'mon fellas, watch … watch some film … drill … #
  • Dear SlideShare – I've been registered for years. Please, some day, some time, recognize me w/o login. Just for the sheer hell of it. #
  • @chrisbrogan A 3 X 2 block of topics gets your attention? "Wow" … really? *cough* in reply to chrisbrogan #
  • 2010 and a thought-leader is elated by "topics" on a blog. I give up; you're all insane. (Or some other dynamic is at play? heh) #
  • p.s. "thought-leader" – imagine a large man walking quickly holding a leash pulling a tiny dog, skittering and falling and skidding, behind. #
  • @ChrisSaad My tactic / ploy was to manifest solidarity anytime what they did (better: tried) seemed ambiguous to them, Confidence / esteem. in reply to ChrisSaad #
  • I sort files by name; impose on all other folders. They sort by date. Why? Cuz #yuppies produce 80/20 crap as their life-style. #
  • Listening to a set of trax I re-mixed years ago, I recall receiving precisely 0 comments on them. They're great. You're ass. #

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