BenTrem tweeted on 2010-06-24

  • So General McChrystal _et al_ are #yuppies … I wud'nuh said so … damn … #
  • @DonRiep Hey, no fair holding out! Historical? (I'm guesing not) … dish, what's the story? #InquiringMinds in reply to DonRiep #
  • @CWP_CSP – Greets! Was just listening (copying!) @TheCurrentCBC > < banking / Africa. (How'bout UK budget?! *shudder*) #
  • Canadian PetroPolitics #TeaBagger style? Fed chief scientist admits "false statements"/defamation of environmentalists' research #OilSands #
  • Dollars to doughnuts: Taliban will up assaults 150% /min/ in the next 3 weeks. Thanks to the General. (What crystals, meth?) #
  • After reading up a bit … methinks McChrystal is yesterday's soup. *geezus dewd, WTF?!* Holed his mission below the waterline. #
  • @GayPatriot Talk against Bush: treason. Talk against Obama: heroism. He's PotUS and CinC … too complicated for you? #TeaBaggers in reply to GayPatriot #
  • @LauraKMM You've got your finger on the pulse; lean into it and see who faints! ^5 #
  • @davidbadash I'm sittin'here shacking my head and thinking of damage done. "Consequence of error" it read in my manual. #
  • @Sami_Shamieh Point is: should he have said it? Has military code slipped? Or that #TeaBaggers can pick and choose? C'mon … standards, pls #
  • @joeelector Rock / hard place. #TeaBaggers are having a field-day … and the General contributed to that. in reply to joeelector #
  • @GayPatriot Oh! Can't tell by the tweet. "Liberals have zero principles. This proves it." … no sign of irony/sarcasm. *sheesch back atcha* in reply to GayPatriot #
  • Funny: big story about someone being quoted, but folk don't want their words to count. "That's not what I meant" … then don't say it! #
  • p.s. don't jump my bones. Of course words can be taken different ways. And /face value/ is one of those ways. Start there. #
  • 1/2 of allocated recovery funds paid out, and of that 1/2 has already been repaid. Won't see #TeaBaggers use those numbers! #
  • @LibTardBot Report you for accidentally tweeting facts? No, I wouldn't do that. Wouldn't expect it, but … in reply to LibTardBot #
  • @cecibooks Nobody smiles like this from /reading/ about it: < ;-p Motivation for practice! cc: @ponlop in reply to cecibooks #
  • Rate of change: B-15a breaks off Antarctic ice-shelf, crashes into another spot. Ice walls destroy emperor penguin colony. #fractal #GCC #
  • Full Windsore knot and spin-shine on shoes … tomorrow I bury my oldest friend, the first (I know of) of our small school's class of '72. #
  • Not to be seen again for a while: me c/w Full Windsor knotted tie < and yes, shoes were spit-shined! #
  • Not to be seen again for a while: me c/w Full Windsor knotted tie < and yes, shoes were spit-shined! #

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