BenTrem tweeted on 2010-06-23

  • "RSS to Twitter" … wonderful, yet.another way to flood channels while faking presence. #borg #
  • @pleedharma Oh, yes, thanks. I thought you might add that to the item descrip… (YouTube #
  • @bmn Great. So I'll keep spidering that. ^5 in reply to bmn #
  • Schweet … having cleaned my laptop fan and cooling (What an elegant heat pipe!) temp has been < 60C all day. 48 and 50 right ATM. #
  • /me reads up on overclocking laptop. (What the heck, if I push peak temp from 62C to 75C no biggie. It was running 84C for weeks!) #
  • Hmmmm … turns out I could bring RAM up to 4Gig (fm 3) for $75. #Dell #Inspiron #
  • @bmn Ace. Point being: ExtJS is fun, but WP defaults to jQuery. tks in reply to bmn #
  • @MTPT Really not? Gawww … that name's a charm … such a solid blog I never had a 2nd thought! In any case, cheers / nice to meet you. in reply to MTPT #
  • @MTPT "Constitutional convention" … same term, different event? see my > < in reply to MTPT #
  • "the Natural Resource Charter" > < see also Collier int'view > < #
  • @TheCurrentCBC Hi! Just found your video clips ( … RFE? I think each should have Date posted very clearly. cheers! #
  • "Bitpipe Research Guides" > < When did I subscribe? *blink* Glad I did … sweet stuff! #IT #
  • Apparently my cohort has started to move its slow thighs … I take that to mean it's too late. #
  • "Investment contracts and sustainable development- contracts for fairer and more sustainable investments" > < #
  • "Revenue Watch Institute Website" > < Follow the money! (I called for forensic auditing yrs and yrs ago.) #
  • Since my basic prognostications have worked out so far: sustainable dev can be part of fascist rule. #GlobalGulag #Matrix #Borg #yuppies #
  • @Josher85 I just started an Arma2 list … so, You're It! in reply to Josher85 #
  • @bennettring I just ran Benchmark after pushing almost all settings to Very High and got 26FPS. I'm happy w/that. (Athlon II / 5770 ) in reply to bennettring #
  • Yet.another #Vista update. All sorts of gack at re-start … creeps me out, that does. #
  • @DonRiep Gorgeous! Gonna be wall-mounted? Is there back-story for a plaque? in reply to DonRiep #

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