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  • @innovate I was stitching together some related material e.g. "The Danger of False Hope" and "Gloom merchant" > < in reply to innovate #
  • 12seconds – After a day of fixing hi-fi gear and such, kicking back w/email! #
  • I just got the 1st Video! badge on #12seconds #
  • @jjprojects Comment on – Haven't been here for a while so in a scruffy moment checked and found everything working… #
  • @jjprojects Curious: do you get notification of reply at 12seconds? I can't tell. (Playback closed all my FF tabs / windows!) cheers #
  • @jjprojects heh … so I'll take "should do" as meaning you did? Looking at your video there's no indication that I recorded there. in reply to jjprojects #
  • @karmakees – "Karma-nomics"? What a lovely concept! I hope google translate will handle the gist of your blog. cheers #
  • @spiver I /love/ spidering; usually tedious, but Oh! The payoff! Tara as 1 of 5 "Prajnas"? *blink* Of course, consorts of "the usual 5"! :-) #
  • @jjprojects Peachy. But, like seesmic (I should say "even with seesmic") it isn't that active. Reminds me of GBuzz … luvly idea, but … in reply to jjprojects #
  • @McPheeBrothers Edward Albee meets Terrance and Philip? You made me laugh huh huh cheers! < cc: @atypicalalbertn #YEG in reply to McPheeBrothers #
  • @jjprojects I figure it's to do with … ROI on attention? Here passing thought does the trick; GWave/Buzz: over-kill except for substance. in reply to jjprojects #
  • In US and Canada S is dry, N is cooler w/more rain, right? S Alberta is flooding, N AB on the verge of blowing away. #YEG #
  • @jjprojects !cam is easily explained (YouTube excepted) but GWave and Buzz? I think there's some cog-psych why that hasn't jumped the shark. in reply to jjprojects #
  • @jjprojects My "ROI on attention" was cryptic; reality is that 90%+ activity is trivial! ;-) cheers / 'nite in reply to jjprojects #
  • Last poke: "Rational Optimism" > < #
  • Absolutely last poke: the Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche: "Where to Find your Buffalo." > (@elephantjournal) #
  • Again, the Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, now with "What are we searching for on the spiritual path?" > < (YouTube) #
  • @buddhafollower You're right! You're wrong!
    Enlightened, we live in the now. … (YouTube #
  • @pleedarma – Would you add something about where/when this event took place? TIA (YouTube #
  • Woaa! Just heard on @jianghomeshi's show: Calgary #jazz fest cancelled at the last minute! blechk! C'mon #YEG let's make sure ours is safe! #
  • @warkmalsh DM w/o Follow doesn't make me happy. But I appreciate the good manners otherwise. #
  • "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Buddhism" > < video presentation of book passage by Gary Gach aka @nobodhi #dharma #
  • Spain's putting on a clinic. Challenge for Honduras now will be to hold the score respectable. #WorldCup #
  • Got a laptop? Clean the fan. Just did my #Dell #Inspiron 1525; CPU temps dropped from 81C to high 50s, low 60s. Awesome! #
  • @Mickeleh Ambiguity is the heart-essence of koan, n'est-ce pas? ;-) in reply to Mickeleh #
  • @Mickeleh re: "etre": I have Sartre's "Being and" siting cheek/jowl w/Heidegger's "Time and". :-) in reply to Mickeleh #
  • @Mickeleh p.s. Fromm's "Anatomy of Human Destructiveness" matches those other 2 in heft. Also: great reading. in reply to Mickeleh #
  • Betcha soccer coaches world-round will be using Spain's showing as paradigmatic offense. #WorldCup #
  • @dpn I was just given "BPMN Modeling and Reference Guide" (4.5Meg PDF) … you want a copy? #
  • @Mickeleh huh huh … would make an interesting category in Flickr? "Cheek by Jowl"; odd juxtapositions. *G* in reply to Mickeleh #
  • "New report on cloud performance | Bitcurrent" > < @acroll "Webmetrics asked us … Today publishing that research." #
  • I don't write PY, so can't say form experience, but … sometimes get the feeling coders use #Python just to be perverse / seem clehvur. #
  • @bmn ShortSnapper when you have a sec. < Can be done w/o IFrame loading separate HTML w/Ajax, yes? #
  • #EconomicWarfare – Small and Medium Enterprises create the most jobs, but corp's control majority of R&D budget; the game is fixed. #SME #
  • #NowPlaying – Tina Turner "Anothr Hero / ThunderDome" … I find myself missing days as sound-man. #
  • #TornadoWatch #YEG #Leduc – "Just" a watch but … you know … #
  • Shopping for black shoes, dk blue blazer, shirt&tie … you can guess for what. #RIP Loren Chabot; polymath, character, accomplished painter #
  • Wow … NEC flat-screen has started shimmering. Same thing happened with my old dell. High humidity in both cases. What's the fix I wonder. #
  • Yupp, high humidity was causing cross-talk in monitor. A good slap cured it. (Golden hands. Ask NORAD/SAC!) #
  • Another near miss and I maintained my record: precisely 0.00 segments of Oprah watched. #
  • @wbm Usually that sort of thing has to do with image maintenance, either signalling to recruit pals or showing loyalty to an existing group. in reply to wbm #

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