BenTrem tweeted on 2010-06-25

  • jquerybuzzz – Your auto-response DM shows how phony you are / makes you look uber-lame. Which you are, so *shrug* #
  • G20 pulling out from deficit spending; Robert Reich provides context: "My Father and Alan Greenspan" > < #
  • @HuffPost – Too bad article dates don't show up in google results by-line style. #RFE #
  • Also Robert Reich: "Bernanke's Real Message About Budget Deficits" > < (HuffPost) #
  • Dear @google – Your email client; you wrote that in 1998? Doesn't indent originals, doesn't keep format / colour … over-payed #yuppies #
  • Not to be seen again for a while: me c/w Full Windsor knotted tie > < and yes, shoes were spit-shined! #
  • Dear @CBC – "It's Alberta's tar sands but it's America's call". No. USofA's call, mebbe. But not "America's". We and Mexico share NA too! #
  • @cecibooks Will peek it, thanks! p.s. dogs always know what time it is: "Now. Now! Now, now, now!!" :-) in reply to cecibooks #
  • @cecibooks I knew there'd be an Ojai connection in here somewhere! greets to @KatTansey in reply to cecibooks #
  • @ponlop – In the moment, no way to reach you.Which, it seems to me, suits you fine. Does that suit me fine Rinpoche? I know what I say. #
  • You miss the point … no shit. #Yuppies #039; stock in trade is mis-direction. #Opportunistic careerists. You know them cuz you are them. #
  • @ponlop – In the moment, you succeeded in denying me access. Which merelly makes you #yuppie But I have Marpa. So, without you, I proclaim #
  • @ponlop – This zenist says meh. Meh, meh and meh. Pisssed drunk: meh! *cough* Darj w/butter, yes? *giggle* EverFresh boysenberry? *chortle* #
  • #YEG -I wont kiss your ass: you say I'm a piece of shit and Peter Lougheed is wrong. Want a revolution? I'll fight you here. You lie. #
  • @chrisj_moore – Here's a joke: my years w/CBC and NORAD and Hansard matter. You only choose to devalue. Ideological? Or careerist? 0_o #
  • You like folk who lick your ass. *D'uhh*. You probably masterbate, too. Here''s a headline: Jesus Christ ain't gonna show. You're fucked. #
  • @ponlop – Existentially my mandate is: care for your guru. But your ensemble requires that I be excluded. Existentially: I am confirmed! heh #
  • What I can't figure:: how you all can deal in such a constant stream of bullshit without if gagging your mouths. I'm not smart. #
  • @ponlop – No reFollow = no reply to DM. And so it goes. I mean existentially, not subjectively. I mean actually, beyond partiality. Really. #
  • I pulled a McChrystal y'day. Today I'll be scheduling sukhavati for my oldest friend, is what. (I didn't think of DMing you!) __{*}__ #
  • @KatTansey – As with Ponlop Rinpoche: I can't reply to your DM if you don't reciprocate Follow … strikes me as just.plain.rude … #
  • @chrisj_moore – Yes, w/o Follow (i.e. w/o DM) it's almost impossible to create context. Game / set / match … success? *shrug* #
  • @chrisj_moore – My point is that you intentionally silo. Intentionally, consciously, by design. On purpose, even. CIO mandate?! *head/desk* #
  • #YEG – Anybody know a blues guitarist named Yoshi? Had a great chat with him last night but damned if I can recall his last name. #
  • @sarahhoffmang – Hi there! Met a high-school buddy y'day who's EPSB, lives Riverdale. Twisted his arm re: Twitter. I'll pass him your name! #
  • Toronto police c/w bikes walking alongside peaceful protest. Welcome to Canada, land of the free? #G20 #
  • @KatTansey – thanks for the Follow #
  • "SwiftRiver 101 Session 1" > < (Vimeo) @SwiftRiver @ushahidi #
  • Replies to Chogyam and Dharma Geeks on FB: > < #dharma #karma #practice #
  • @pomeranian99 heh … some folk are sooooo clevuh! in reply to pomeranian99 #
  • @KatTansey Oh, hey, was more surprised than cut. BTW: do you happen to know Kate Crisp? (I have image of Ojai as small town; no clue!) in reply to KatTansey #
  • Man alive I can't believe the quality of the tweets I'm watching … truly, it's impressive. Peek: #
  • "vuvuzela parodie" > < (YouTube) huh huh funny #

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