BenTrem tweeted on 2010-04-30

  • Game 7 … Halak is big as a house and Habs are playing great. 1 – 0 in the 2nd. #
  • Cold rainy day with Grey Cup on TV. I declare beer o'clock and sleepy cat yawns big. Sweet. #
  • @KenChapman46 What better way of grounding post-secondary than to get them tangling with nuts&bolts of municipal policy issues! in reply to KenChapman46 #
  • How castrated is culture? How's this: RATM "Killing in the Name Of" played as stadium music during NHL game. #matrix #borg #
  • Game 7. 1 goal lead. Less than 2 minutes. Habs get a penalty. Yoiks, zounds, gadzooks. #
  • @All_Habs Thank gawd for short-handed icing rule! in reply to All_Habs #
  • heh … that long shot showed how curling and hockey are related! Nice slow curve. #
  • Come back from 3 – 1 behind? Nope. Come back and win the series … okie dokie! #
  • @angelzilla Wow, if it flooded today what's it gonna do in a /real/ storm? They musta screwed something up there. in reply to angelzilla #
  • How's this for "not good": S Korea raised their navy ship. (Yaa, that one.) Most plausible cause? Torpedo strike. NG. NNNNG. #
  • "Attention economy"? Just high-school personality politics writ large; A-list know their cold shoulders act as economic embargo. #
  • Fasted since last night (yrly physical / blood work) so, just now, huh huh … made double-pattie cheese burger. /me luvs his cooking #
  • @MParekh Sooo corporate entities are too big to fail but nation-states are not? Creative accounting 101! in reply to MParekh #
  • Hallelujia! GOP strategist identifying doctrinaire ideologues as intolerant. Will rational conservatism /finally/ find its voice? #
  • I'm looking at a chart generates by a self-proclaimed Web2 company. Click the bar and it blinks. That's it. That's all. "Blink" = Web2.0?! #
  • I'm looking at a bar chart generated by a self-proclaimed Web2 company. Click a bar and it blinks. That's it. That's all. "Blink" = Web2.0?! #

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