BenTrem tweeted on 2010-04-29

  • Replay of today's proceedings – #GoldmanSachs – "C-SPAN3 Live Stream" > < Real life drama! No shit! #
  • @adrielhampton Collaboration is an attitude out of which arise methods and processes. see Heidegger on _techne_. ;-) in reply to adrielhampton #
  • @hollingsworth – Hey Tony; got email "Follow" notification, but could not DM. Anyhow, you're on my Geeks list. cheers #
  • Intuit's "Partner Platform" > < Competition for SalesForce? #
  • GSachs email targetting "buy and hold ratings-based clients" as most profitable in down market. Blood in the water! #
  • Senate hearings April 2010, and they can't keep their papers straight. But A-list don't give a shit about my system. Yuppies are /crooks/. #
  • When I busk, I play. Maybe you pay, and maybe you don't. F'n yuppies think that's how to support others' innovation. Theirs? $$$ up front. #
  • Know what? This old leftie believes in markets. But yuppies are jackals. Opportunistic. Un-principled. Sycophants. They piss in our wells. #
  • "Market makers"? Yuppies selling deck seats til the Titanic's fan-tail dipped under the water. #GoldmanSachs #matrix #borg #
  • FWIW the comms I was using '72/'73 out-performs consumer WWW 10 to 1. #
  • @ponlop – I've for the longest time been keen on "authentic presence". (Klesa purifying klesa? Dunno.) It skips moralistic niceties. __{*}__ #
  • How is the market corrupt? It rewards the schmoozers. Look at IT … lame, except in military and trading. Web2.0?! Gimme a break. #matrix #
  • Ongoing: GoldmanSachs in front of Senate hearings > < #
  • @ponlop – BTW, Rinpoche, spkrs from developing world far more often use "compassion" and such pragmatically, given their communalism. #
  • Makes me sick to see so, so many good comments in so many venue that get no response. Web2.0? How'bout WebFAIL. #

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