BenTrem tweeted on 2010-04-28

  • Beer o'clock (Fail Whale Pale Ale a'plenty) and Habs winning … life is good! #
  • His name is Jaroslav Halak. And he is T.H.E. S.H.I.E.T! > < #Habs #
  • Too funny … 3 diving penalties so far in this game. #
  • "This is what you've been waiting for — search and destroy" > < My Lai … let me guess: you're too busy to care. #
  • Good yuppies know that they get rewarded for maintaining plausible deniability. They learned in school to kiss bullies' asses. #sycophancy #
  • "Those who could have stopped it didn't. Those who knew about it, didn't report it." My Lai? Enron? Goldman Sachs? Yuppies at work. #
  • Already 4 years on Huffington Post … time really does fly. #
  • What the psychopaths notice: the proliferation of "news sources" are increasingly a) narrow and b) superficial. #GlobalGulag #
  • @boalt – I'm wondering … flying in … does the city look lively? in reply to boalt #
  • @boalt Wunnerful … thanks for reply. cheers in reply to boalt #
  • I've been online one way or another since '72. (Arguably, since '68.) I've watched A-list types steer every innovation onto the rocks. #borg #
  • ReTw @ChrisSaad RT @Slate: Police seize Gizmodo writer's computers > < Uber-gross! #matrix #borg #
  • #GoldmanSachs – Yuppie culture wants to bla-bla-blah. Forensics? Simple pointed questions. To be avoided. Bring on the bla-bla-blah. #matrix #
  • RT @acarvin RT @BoraZ: "Youth & Paradigm Shifts" > < A study on "peak age" and scientific productivity by discipline. #
  • #GoldmanSachs – "C-SPAN3 Live Stream" > < #
  • #GoldmanSachs – 2 parts: 1) get short to balance long. Ok, fine. 2) sell long positions. Right: sell crap as gold while going short. #
  • Congressional hearing (R-OK) is now on target: not "buying short to balance long", but dumping long … ethics. #
  • #GoldmanSachs – Is Viniar capable of mendacity? At all, ever? Quote of the day, "Unfortunate to have put that in email." No shit! #
  • Suppose: My car is a klunker. My son the mechanic sez prolly the trans will go soon. You want to buy a 2nd car. Should I say my car is crap? #
  • What Sen. Kauffman just asked? I tweeted that point over an hour ago. heh #
  • Misunderstood: traders profit when markets rise, they profit when markets fall. They're /entirely/ mercenary. They're not your buddies! #
  • Minions: the "right people" profited while everyone else lost. Just yuppies doing what yuppies do; same old same-old. #GoldmanSachs #
  • After corn has been through the cow you can't sell it as corn. heh … Senator with sense of reality?! Tester (D-MON) #

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