BenTrem tweeted on 2010-04-27

  • @RoyUKMan2004 I'm not sweating it. I guess I'm of 2 minds: flying a Litt… (YouTube #
  • "in the past 9yrs, more US military have taken their own lives than died in action in Iraq or Afghanistan" > < *sigh* #
  • "a networked world is not inherently a more just world" > < ( Do smug yuppies care? #
  • 2/3rds support financial regulation. I guess now TeaBaggers will call to suspend democracy … citizens are iresponsible? #
  • @SteveCase I think it's smoke&mirrors. 'been working on "participatory deliberation" since '75 and see no real, substantial interest. #hype in reply to SteveCase #
  • Betcha dollars to doughnuts the financials bill will be lame; no hard-ball analysis … group-think schmoozing. #
  • Again, Camus: "Don't be lucid and ironic. People will turn it against you saying, ''See? He's not a nice person.''" Social games. meh #
  • What do I mean by "Global Gulag"? I mean where well-heeled yuppies have surrendered their morality and their ethics; gain as sole principle. #
  • FDA? Castrated. EPA? Castrated. (Tell me again how food is secure. Or how off-shore drilling is sustainable / safe.) Sell-outs/corruption. #
  • Habs are rockin'! #

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