BenTrem tweeted on 2010-05-01

  • OilSpill – Will TeaBaggers be out there protesting socialist Coast Guard and socialist EPA? Will they celebrate big corporate oil? #
  • @kevinmarks – Idea was always that URIs be human readable i.e. meaningful. Don't see why anybody need get ridiculous about it. #
  • Detroit / San Jose – This is game _1_ … woaaa … #
  • (Pondering history of "public") In 3.5 decades I've had, say, 1K public debates. This I know: dumb audiences support dumb arguments. HeyHo #
  • Is Tiger a devout Christian? Evangelical? Cuz the boy beams with success (Blessed?) but looks like doom after missed shot. Primitive. #
  • "Ladies and Gentlemen: The U.S. (in)Justice System" > < @mikhaill #SocPsych #
  • "Politics of Happiness:
    What Government Can Learn from Research on Well-Being" > < Meanwhile China trashes Tibet. #
  • ReTw @ joelmarkwitt – @technosailor congratulations … (To which I'll add a N'n Alberta "Hooah!") #
  • Pondering "social software" BS … African billionaire talked about perceptions of impertialism. For yuppies' kidz, that's taboo. #borg #
  • Japanese is the language of haiku. (I'm French; the language of diplomacy and air traffic control.) _Jin Shin Shiutsu_ is Japanese. #meta #
  • @mashable Yaa, K, done. But still (after so long) LinkedIn GUI strikes me *slap* as paradigmatically counter-intuitive. in reply to mashable #
  • @mashable p.s. and thanks! (Bad UX makes me earnest. *snort*) in reply to mashable #
  • I'm quite sure some sage general (probably a psychopath; maybe Russian mafia) is doing truly forensic analysis of things "social". Betcha. #
  • Hans Zimmer "Barra Barra". (I often listen to Black Hawk Down before bed … antidote to yuppie sophistry.) #
  • Hear: (Don't got 3:22? You're poor. In more ways than you dare think.) #
  • hoooa #
  • Passive aggressive cretins. And who wins? The psychopaths. The lowliest Bedhouin warrants more respect than a yuppies' kid. The kid? Pity. #
  • I got angry, tonight. Home with good music, I nearly lost my temper. Kids? Are you kids? You dare demand "kids" karma?! Feckless, pathetic. #
  • Nice tunez. No kidding: I'll upload the Zimmer I was listening to when I… (YouTube #
  • I''ll say it: in the spirit of Mogadishu, glady, happily, calmly, I would take you. No, not sacrifice. I say: punishment. Calmly. I would. #
  • What comes from being one of you? Distortion, dishonesty, inauthenticity. I'm drunk. You''re fucked. Thus has it been. #
  • Congratulations: "kiss ass or die" rules. How stupid are you? "Kiss ass"" has no alternative. I say. Contradict me. Do. Bitches. heh … #
  • You lie, Each … each of you .. lie … day … hour … lie … cheat lie … day …so … now: say. Who dies now? The thug? The cheat? #

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