BenTrem tweeted on 2010-03-27

  • Palin’s “reloading” and “taking aim” … her web map uses gun sight images to “target” individual areas. #
  • “WP Plugin Roundup” > < Watch this space! #WordPress (pretending that my hashtags propagate, which they don’t) #
  • What can you do with #WP plugins? What /can’t/ you do?! “productive issue/task tracking” > < #
  • Never fails to astonish me; I guess is why I’m not rich. WP extend site? No image zoom, no social connection / contact method for devs … #
  • (see my previous) This plugin has “you aren’t registered” on download site. On the support page? “Comments are closed” well D’uhh! #
  • @chrisj_moore Yes. Actually I visited it just this afternoon. #
  • @chrisj_moore Sorry Mr. Moore, I can’t DM. You unfollowed me again. (Let me guess; no, not the beard, or the pony tail … my attitude? *G*) #
  • #PersonalityPolitics – It’s /precisely/ like yuppie-kidz parties in high-school. Which I never went to. Cuz I was back-stage, or in the bus. #
  • @real_thinktank He sooooooo was / is my hero! #
  • How to fuck your brain in 2 easy steps: 1) think your hurtfulness doesn’t have its effect, and 2) figure your sloth has no consequence. #
  • ReTw @chuckfrey – RT @TweetRightBrain: “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” ~ Henry Ford #
  • Gee golly shucks no.kidding: people who are constantly sucking up for attention actually do really shoddy work. 80/20 rule anyone? #yuppies #
  • @TweetRightBrain IMNSHO in most cases it’s simply business as usual i.e. elbows up competition i.e. zero-sum game. Gatekeepers?! *shudder* #
  • @bmn You mean GoW, yes? As in CoD4 and ArmA2? ^5 *Hoooah!* #
  • Sad: after a whole life spent getting this stuff working, now I just want to ^AltDel at the end of a day. Yuppies’ kidz suck the joy out. #
  • @bmn You don’t want that to happen in ArmA. ;-) stay well #
  • @motownmutt Free as in speech? or free as in beer? Any idea how many people are drawing salaries? and what fortunes will be made? cheers #
  • What’s “yuppie” attitude? A classic example: the 70s is what yuppies produced when they “figured out” what we’d done in the 60s. #matrix #
  • @znmed – 8 re-tweets in a row is a bit much, no? *sigh* #
  • “Civic Intelligence At Open Government West” > < #Gov20 #OpenYEG #
  • @fusedlogic – Always good to be ignored by a YEG who’s interested in what I’ve done for 3 decades. Alt? I might think myself paranoid! #
  • @DavidNichtern – I love the songs/music we created with KTGR but ah, ah, kirtan … meets the needs of the modern mind, nae? TD! #

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