BenTrem tweeted on 2010-03-26

  • After months and months of being ignored by #twitter I just replied to every GetSatisfaction thread about missing hashtags. I’m not alone! #
  • “Ideas are worthless if you can’t make them happen.” > < I’m in the far-half of my 6th decade. This matters to me. #
  • And then I read this: “Ideas are easy” … yaaa, when you’re glib and facile! > < #yuppies #matrix #borg #
  • At some point I did the math and realized the oceans were going to die. That was 1983. WTF are you waiting for? #yuppies #matrix #borg #
  • ReTw @filbertkm – “Online Crisis Responders Think Long Term” > < Wired blog post about #osm and @ushahidi in Haiti #
  • Looking at how well behaved Twhirl is I’m thinking of doing a dual release, web + AIR. No, really! #
  • I’m looking at article X on site Y, by author M. Good guy, good writer. You might like to comment on it! Be 1 of 3,500+. Would you get read? #
  • I’m looking at 2 very nice articles you might like to comment on. 1 has 53 pages of comments. The 2nd has 22 pages. Is that sensible? sane? #
  • @kentbrew I like the way she’s stood her ground; she was given a pretty rough ride to start with. Go, Katie, go! You can take ’em! #
  • Just launched 2 new .com domains … nervous as a school boy on his first date! #
  • “The Content Production Gauntlet”” > < FWIW I contend that “adversarial” serves the worst of interests. #matrix #borg #

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