BenTrem tweeted on 2010-03-25

  • “Comprehensive Discourse Reform” > < (HuffPost) Great title. Someone should actually write such an article! #matrix #
  • MozLabs’ “Raindrop” > < Kinda like GWave? Okie dokie! #Web2.0 #
  • “22 Useful Online Chart & Graph Generators” > < Sweet! But no, what I need isn’t there; gonna have to hand-craft it. #
  • Palin tells followers to “reload” and “aim for” Democrats while GOP wants Pelosi “on the “firing line” > < (FrameShop) #
  • @StKonrath Sync loss … it was your tweeting Thru-You that started this thread. I posted the site itself, not the HootSuite, is all. #
  • #tumblr – Ok, @n8k99 has an account as nacreous, I’m bentrem *D’uh / grin* … anyone else? #
  • People fake interest in order to get attention. Others (the same?) follow people on Twitter to call attention to themselves. #yuppies #borg #
  • Ok, not new, but still funny! “What A Comment Stream Would Look Like In A Meeting” > < #CollegeHumor #
  • #geek “Three Tiers of Analytic Sandboxes: New Techniques to Empower Business Analysts” > < #
  • When I want to include some JS function on the pages on my site it takes me like 3.5mins. To do this on my WP? 2hrs no success. meh #

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