BenTrem tweeted on 2010-03-24

  • Why are WP geeks so nasty? 100s of posts w/1000s of links, buddy finds 1 broken and tells me “your content is all horked up”. #YuppiesKidz #
  • @KatHerding – much prettier than you look on FB … or not. /me eats dead critters #
  • @dankeldsen – I should DM or email, but I just powered out. So this > < Podcasts by bmcSoftware. *tired!!* #
  • @rww boy oh boy oh boy I sure wish I had stuck with VRML and stats! What a great time to be graphing. Have you seen ? #
  • “First Corporate Campaign Ads Appear After Supreme Court’s Citizens United Decision” > < (HuffPost) Blood-dimmed tide? #
  • @labgrab (1 of 3) Did you see the context at RWW? “ReadWriteWeb And Tableau Public’s Interactive Graph Contest” < #
  • @labgrab (2 of 3) re: “information overload” my line for years has been “aim to be somewhere between abject boredom and helmet fire”. #
  • @labgrab (3 of 3) Ben? Is that you? pls reciprocate Follow so I can DM you as needed? cheers –ben #
  • @ChrisPirillo Darn … and I opted away from W7; this custom box is for gaming and I went w/XP Pro (6Gig DDR3 for RAM disk) so no eye candy! #
  • @ChrisPirillo – Betcha I’m not the only one to take note of your avatar … a self-sketch, yes? #
  • “Shall we watch 200,000 Americans die right in front of our eyes?” > < Glass half full / quarter full / almost empty .. #

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