BenTrem tweeted on 2010-03-28

  • @sant0sk1 – Just watched “Console” on Vimeo … brain candy! *grin* #
  • @dpn When someone says “herding cats” I think “getting clients to pay up”. cheers! (Rounds on you tonight?) #
  • @technosailor Kids are a great way for parents to have “second childhood” before middle-life. Love it while you can, it passes by quickly! #
  • When the mic is that far away you pick up every sound in the room i.e. “… (YouTube #
  • YouTube video lecture on the web and the future of journalism. But the presenter / staff can’t even position the mic properly. *FAIL* #
  • Mediocre functionality? Doesn’t matter; it’s all abstracted by personality politics. Impunity is foundational. #BrainDamage #matrix #borg #
  • When I was young(er) I used AWK on command line and WordPerfect together to run sets of macros on groups of docs. How to do that today? #
  • @lethe56 It started with an interest in mead … many, many years ago. I… (YouTube #
  • #discourse #GCC “Too Much Noise? How Misleading Data Warps Climate Debate” > < (YouTube – ForaTV) #
  • @rands – “It ain’t what you don’t know that’s the problem. It’s what you think you know that ain’t so.” (old man in Maine) #
  • @loudmouthman – Well, actually you were stating an entailment, viz: “all of it is because their memes are …” I don’t think that followed. #
  • @sant0sk1 – If/when it comes to me needing that degree of functionality I wil a) be in deep doo-doo and b) smile as I roll up my sleeves. #
  • Yaa, brill. But judging by the text on the screen we’re missing that bea… (YouTube #
  • Tried LJ => Import *FAIL*. Tried iterative google blog search *FAIL* Things /look/ good, but fail. 80/20 rule. #Yuppies #Matrix #
  • I told a prof how I figured lots of arguments were proxy issues. He never game me a second thought. > < Not Just Me! #
  • @sant0sk1- Maybe n00b/FAQ question: can you also run SQL queries? What I’m doing may become devilishly complex. /me loves tracing. #

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