BenTrem tweeted on 2010-03-12

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  • On FaceBook? You want this > < wheel form of social graph. #balkanization #
  • @mikhail – “Center for Social Inclusion” > … when I noticed exclusion tactics as ubiquitous I got hooked on psych! #
  • Take the cheap thrill of scape-goating; combine with the social benefits of group membership; stir well. *HeyPresto!* We ain’t well, really. #
  • #karma – Pollution creates “dead zones” (hypoxia). Sure, immediately. But long term? It impairs reproduction in those fish that survive. #
  • First domain name I wanted, back in 1995. 15yrs later, .net .org and .com still being squatted. #
  • #GlobalGulag – You’re working for this, see, by “striving” for minimum acceptable standards. Mr. Psychopaths will reward you. (Has already?) #
  • @shiva is findable. Please, do show me the alternative that works. Are you suggesting 389.198.927.196.290 or some such? #
  • I wonder: how many CS gurus could design/build a mechanical computing machine. I did. 1 of each. Cards (designed) and tinker-toys (built). #
  • How to impress SA’n peasants: show them a sack of their neighbors’ ears. (School of the Americas tip #42) Now, about promoting democracy? #
  • @benparr AA2-3 / ArmA2 / BF2-BC / CoD4 … the other stuff is brain-candy. (GTA is for wannabe gangstas. WoW? Poofters.) #
  • Case study (yuppies are boobs!)L faculty member A has a vy incomplete Web1.0 page; B’s is comprehensive, but internal anchors spawn new tab. #
  • @nazgul / @ subWOW – Are you talking about university for yourself? or as a parent, for your kids? #
  • @You2Gov Has that article gotten even 1 comment yet? #SocialPathology #
  • @elephantjournal LA hunh … I’ll try to fit in a tonglen session for you. (Only half-kidding! *G*) #
  • Ning on Charlie Rose … goes to show how your software and design can really, really suck but you still win. *F’n hell!* #
  • OMG Ning’s co-founder/CEO nails one platitude after another … blithe to how dysfunction dumbs-down transactions. #
  • “An Open Letter To Glenn Beck: Social Justice And The Gospel” > < Jim Wallis on HuffPost #

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