BenTrem tweeted on 2010-03-11

  • “Buzz” – The sound of A-list personalities profiting from the work of others. #
  • Persistance paid off! I just came up with a lovely / elegant / simple way of protecting IP: first refusal … a pre-emptive strike! #
  • @12stepbuddhist I still can’t get used to offering w/o real saffron … it feels ersatz. #
  • Let’s say the corporate system has some validity. Who reaps the biggest rewards? I declare “arbitrary”; psychopaths accumulate wealth/power. #
  • @om “Who knows only his side of the issue knows little of that.” –David Hume (Yes, I really am a bear on “discourse”.) #
  • @adamclyde … a variation on “long tail”? Yammer, if agile / still vibrant, taking wing on some dynamic? (BTW: has GWave jumped the shark?) #
  • Alan Silberberg’s “So, What is Gov 2.0?”” on HuffPost > < Comments? 0 … No surprise to me, but still … #Gov20 #
  • Council of State Govts (3 lvls) > < Sounds sensible to me! @CSGovts #Gov20 #OpenYEG #

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