BenTrem tweeted on 2010-03-10

  • Just now on TCM, Throne of Blood > < Later? 2 more Kurosawa! (My X and I had planned a festival of his works.) #
  • “The veil”? 1) women are weak, 2) men are pigs, and 3) anyone not *fill in here* are barbarians. It’s designed to cause conflict. It works! #
  • “Documentary” of Attila the Hun reinforces confound of psychopath/sociopath. And the real psychopaths slip deeper into shadow. #matrix #
  • Did I say Sharia was meant to divide and cause conflict? I slipped; I surely meant GOP. *Gawd they’re hateful!* #
  • Bush, Rove, Cheney, Pinochet, and the rest of the GOP: You are WITH US or you are AGAINST US. Pathetic human beings. #
  • Insanity 101: 1st, fantasize a reality; 2nd, conjure up an enemy; 3rd find a scape-goat. Iran, Taliban, GOP … cookier-cutter. #
  • “Brain” is much like CPU; if it encounters NOP then non-maskable IRQ to fill in the blank. So “don’t understand” => “You’re barbarian!” #

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