BenTrem tweeted on 2010-03-13

  • #metrics – “Success” = accumulating wealth and power to insulate myself from the long-term consequences of my actions. #borg #
  • @DustyReagan Apply what I call the “New Orleans” rule; know where /not/ to go and then just follow your nose. Tally Ho! #
  • NYU Pres. Sexton says we’ve “fallen into discourse by slogan”. I’m dedicated to policy by true discourse. More the fool, I? #matrix #yuppies #
  • RT @wrrobinson RT @cloudbook: CMU Researchers use Cloud Computing to Explore Multi Tier Indexing for Web Search > < #
  • @wrrobinson – There isn’t a day I don’t troll for techniques / product of “Topic Partitioned Indexes”. Truth! (no Follow => no DM. So sad.) #
  • NYU Pres. just used “dialogical” in a sentence. I can die knowing I am not actually an army of 1. Despite the way my cohort behaves. #
  • “The Cloudbook” > < “Seven Clear Business Models” #
  • A thoughtful post about MySpace? How unlikely! > < @gagnier #
  • Thanks to @JeffreyFeldman for reminding me of CodeName “Trout” > < (We also serve, who sit and ponder 42!) #
  • RT @JeffreyFeldman – “MUST READ story on Breitbart over @wired” (The same personality politics drive inno-tech. –bdt) #

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