BenTrem tweeted on 2009-05-13

  • Seti@Home has sent “Please rejoin” … registered 9 years ago! So yaaa, will start running it again. #
  • #Maddoff on – For me point is folk don’t get it. As a young man I joined infantry because folk are hypocrits, and later ducked mgmt. #
  • @SparkCBC did a smart thing with @anildash and @ginatrapani on giving good tech a full life > < (transcript/MP3) #
  • @DanB Truly your old Tweets are no longer present? I set up a WP dedicated to archiving them from the start and thought myself paranoid! #
  • ReTw @KathySierra: Just commented on @timoreilly “Asymetric Follow” post. Partly related to the @reply thing > < #
  • I just re-joined Seti@Home using the new Boinc system; use V6.4.7 > < see < #
  • ReTw @shannonseek: RT @mashable Twitter’s Response to #fixreplies: We Can’t > < #
  • #IPPNW – Videos of “Nuclear Weapons, Violence and Health” conference now online > < #
  • ReTw @Pistachio: RT @biz – thanks for your feedback, here’s a plan for #fixreplies > < (Common sense reigns?) #
  • #IPPNW – Videos of “Nuclear Weapons, Violence and Health” conference now online > < #
  • “People power transforms the web; how net users, by banding together, change every aspect of our lives” > < Guardian #
  • ReTw @mastermaq: RT @EdmNextGen @CityofEdmonton – All City employees now have access to Facebook! (Ubiquitous computing!) #
  • #GagMeWithSpoon – Tech news site with this as banner: “Check back soon to see our new website!”. What, is this 1997? Gonna use <blink>? #
  • Spooky … for years my backup account has used 20K files / 500Meg disk. In 4 days that zoomed to 92K files / 1.5Gig. I’ve been zombied? #

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