BenTrem tweeted on 2009-05-14

  • Dear SETI@home – how do you expect supporters when you make every.single.step difficult and failure-prone? #
  • Cheney is steadfast. With that in mind I’d recommend criminal prosecution; this world has no safe place for fascists. #
  • When /I/ do tech_docs I’m like traffic controller handling facts. or like a forensic account chasing loose ends. Now? Yuppies’ kidz … #
  • Local arts fest celebrating painfully trite poetry. If it postures like a yuppie and blathers like a yuppie then it’s gifted. #borg #matrix #
  • ReTw @znmeb: RT @evan This BASIC is delightful: < (Ahhh the good old days; usta splice in Fortan and C.) #

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