BenTrem tweeted on 2009-05-12

  • If ever you want to convince someone that NHL is bang for buck show them 3rd period Pittsburgh/Washington today. Amazing skills / energy. #
  • @gammill For me Twitter is flash-back / old-school; working Telco early 70s we used teletype “order wires” to stay in touch; terse chat. #
  • I wish Vancouver was winning but I gotta say: #NHL is on fire tonight! #
  • ReTw @timoreilly: Frank Rich uses history of TV as reminder not to count out subscription as biz model > < #
  • ReTw @globalculture: really cool #visualization of #travel info scraped from Twitter > < (via @mathewi) #
  • ReTw @CatoInstitute: Why Washington is hooked on subsidy programs > < #tlot #
  • If you want to convince someone that NHL is bang for buck show them 3rd period Pitts/Wash or Van/Chicago today. Amazing skills/energy. #NHL #
  • Kane scores his first hat trick as Chi eliminates Van. How’s that for a thrill! Me? I came up with a fast fix when NORAD coms crashed. heh #
  • @andyy Thanks Andy; selective FaceBook Tweet Status is a nice little app. Folks, see > < #fb #
  • The Wounded Knee story on PBS. My grand-father was a judge. A fine, upstanding man. Administrator of that residential schools. Karma … #
  • I must be really dumb. I don’t get how “nice” people with education, success, relative wealth, are just plain spineless. Rewarded for that? #
  • Dear Vista – Don’t switch keyboard configuration one me just cuz you want to. *expletive redacted* ? #
  • #music – Just deleted the whole Run DMC directory from /MyMusic. Kinda like having a good dump … elemental relief. #
  • #music – Just deleted the whole Black Eyed Peas directory from /MyMusic. Kinda like having a good puke … not great, but better. #
  • ReTw @atizine: RT @eblonk A statue for GWB? Let’s first get a proper one for Thomas Paine. (Marco!!!) #
  • ReTw @clarocada: [thenextweb] #sm We are under attack! > < (Zounds. Gadzooks, evuhn.) #
  • Went through 15CDs of Peter Gabriel and realized “Last Temptation” is what I’m looking to hear. (Though the bass in SledgeHammer rocks!!!) #
  • This can’t be right; I can tough it out, but frabbed ribs from Thursday off-road cycling is worse today than it was the next … not nice. #
  • @nelson For “new music” poke around with or #
  • @PeterSantilli Greg Palast on Federal Reserve > < (AlterNet) #
  • Borland to be acquired > < You say Excel and Access? I say Quatro Pro and Paradox. #
  • ReTw @OriginalSignal: Google Engineering Explains Microformat Support in Searches > < #

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